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March Founder Letter: Proper Documentation Essential for Billing

Today’s blog post comes from WebPT Co-Founder Heidi Jannenga, PT, MPT, ATC/L. Click here to learn more about proper documentation essentials, here.

Heidi Jannenga
5 min read
March 5, 2013
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Today’s blog post comes from WebPT Co-Founder Heidi Jannenga, PT, MPT, ATC/L.

Over the last several months, we focused much of our content on the significance of documentation. Not simply because of its importance in remaining compliant and receiving reimbursements but also because of the bigger picture—it’s crucial in elevating our profession; achieving autonomy, direct access, and respect; and receiving the recognition we deserve as the musculoskeletal experts.

Documentation is our key to proving our worth to our patients; our community; and our peers—to everyone! It’s our story—and our patients’ stories. It’s their life, their plan of care, and their (hopefully) recovery back to optimal functional performance. It’s our research, our scientific proof that we’re not only phenomenal, but also licensed professionals with unique knowledge, specialized training, stellar evaluative judgment and critical thinking, and a mastery of therapy. And all of this is paired with insight (based on experience and education) and our ability to turn our expertise into an effective plan of care that documents medical necessity and ultimately improves our patients’ lives.

This month’s blog and webinar theme is Billing and Codes. Now you might be wondering what my documentation rally cry above has to do with billing, and my response is everything. Without proper documentation, you will not get paid. And without getting paid, you don’t have a business; we can’t do what we love for a living without income. Most importantly, though, we can’t continue to treat, help, and make an impact daily.

With that in mind, we’re on a mission this month to help you learn the billing alphabet, the language of codes, and the rubric of regulations. We want to help you get paid; teach you to document your patients’ stories with precision and passion; and educate you on the correct process. As a result, you’ll be equipped to provide the best for your patients from initial examination all the way to discharge, while getting paid what you deserve.


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