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ICD-10 Talk with Dr. Heidi Jannenga: Why ICD-10?

Why does the US have to transition to ICD-10? Click here to watch this video featuring Dr. Heidi Jannenga discussing the matter.

Heidi Jannenga
5 min read
September 4, 2015
image representing icd-10 talk with dr. heidi jannenga: why icd-10?
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In the first video of our ICD-10 Talk video series, Dr. Heidi Jannenga provided a general overview of ICD-10 and how it differs from ICD-9. In this week’s video, Heidi details some of the limitations of ICD-9 and explains why the transition to ICD-10 is necessary. She also offers clarification on a common point of confusion: does the switch go by date of claim submission or date of service? Watch now to find out, and stay tuned to the WebPT Blog for more great ICD-10 videos throughout the month.


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