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Eliminate Wasteful Duplication by Using Automated PT Practice Documentation Management Systems

Automating the process means your PT practice documentation becomes streamlined so that everyone completes needed documentation in the same way.

Heidi Jannenga
5 min read
April 27, 2011
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Automating the process means your PT practice documentation becomes streamlined so that everyone completes needed documentation in the same way. This is lacking in many PT settings. You have individuals that have their own style of documentation. Some of them are very detailed and others do the bare minimum. The streamlining of what will be documented and where means that the overall process of recordkeeping is standardized, making it more functional and efficient.

With this documentation management system in place, the entire process is focused on the needs of the patient from start to finish. It begins with the initial intake process, assessment, the treatment plan, documentation of progress, and then with the patient discharge from PT once they have successfully completed their treatment program.

Putting in an up-to-date PT documentation system isn’t only a benefit to the patients and the PT staff, though. Physicians, their staff, and even insurance companies can use the information to help them in their role of serving your patients. This includes ongoing care, releases to go back to work, and payment by insurance companies for the care of the patient. This centralized system means that patients can focus on recovering instead of having to worry so much about all of those elements of their care.

It is important to understand that automated PT practice documentation management systems can also be customized. That means that a PT practice can create additional forms and processes to keep track of their patients and the care that they offer. There may be certain things that a given location may need to track that others don’t. The customized features make it possible for that variation to be taken into consideration successfully.

These automated PT practice documentation management systems continue to get better and better all the time. The companies that offer them ask for feedback from the PT staff. They take their needs and suggestions into consideration to make the programs more efficient as well as more user friendly. This allows for efficient documentation and is making wasteful duplication a thing of the past.

Tackling new territory is important in the field of PT. With practice documentation management systems, you can have all of the information you need at your fingertips. By eliminating duplication, there is less of a risk of mistakes taking place. This allows the time of the staff to be used more effectively. It also enables the overall level of care for each patient to rise.

“With WebPT our documentation is centered around what we do. We have PT specific workflows built right in. We used to have to duplicate patient demographics when a patient was being seen for more than one issue. What used to take an hour with our previous software now takes 10 minutes to document. We can access our schedules and files from home or anywhere with Internet access. And, with one click we can fax patient information over to physicians and insurance companies. "   Donna Burris, Lead Front Office Manager, Advance Sports and Spine Therapy


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