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Common ICD-10 Codes for PTs

Here are the most common ICD-10 codes for physical therapy. Click here to see our list of the most common ICD-10 codes, here.

Charlotte Bohnett
5 min read
April 14, 2014
image representing common icd-10 codes for pts
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Referencing a Codes That Matter study, CMS developed a breakdown of common codes based on specialty and released it with the following two warnings:

  1. “The codes most frequently used by your practice will vary based on geographic location, patient population, payer mix, and other differentiating factors.”
  2. Even though this study shows unspecified codes as being common, practitioners should absolutely (positively, definitely) consider codes that have a greater degree of specificity first and foremost.

Without further ado, below are the common codes associated with PT, according to CMS. (I took the liberty of removing the unspecified codes for those that allow specific laterality.)

Want to view all the common codes? Check out the full list here. Keep in mind that this list is inherently limited because for therapy, it focuses predominantly on pain, even though you should always code for the underlying condition that is causing the pain whenever possible. What codes do you think are most common in your practice?


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