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Breaking News: The 2021 MIPS Final Score Preview Is Now Available

CMS has rolled out the 2021 MIPS Final Score Preview to help eligible therapists get ahead of their 2023 MIPS payment adjustments.

Mike Willee
5 min read
June 28, 2022
image representing breaking news: the 2021 mips final score preview is now available
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For those waiting with baited breath for the 2021 Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) Final Score Preview, you need not wait any longer. Just last week we offered a look at the MIPS Preliminary Feedback Fact Sheet, touching upon the Final Score Preview that CMS would be implementing for this year. Well, it would seem that our timing is impeccable, because the 2021 MIPS Final Score Preview is now available. We break down how therapists can check their scores, what makes up those scores, and what to do if you see errors or inaccuracies in your score here.

What’s the MIPS Final Score Preview?

As we covered in our breakdown, the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has decided to release MIPS-enrolled clinicians’ performance scores early to allow time for feedback and corrections. This in light of an error with 2020 performance scores that CMS eventually had to retract. 

With this rollout, clinicians are now afforded the opportunity to review their 2021 Final Score ahead of payment adjustments for MIPS in 2023. It’s important to note that the score you see is not necessarily your final score, and that all clinicians should take the opportunity to review their score for accuracy before payment adjustments are made.    

How do I check my score?

Clinicians can check their scores by logging in to the Quality Payment Program (QPP) website with the same credentials (username/password) that they used to submit their data and clicking the “Preview Final Score” link on their homepage. 

Can my Qualified Clinical Data Registry (QCDR) check my score for me? 

Because the feedback contains sensitive information regarding patients and payment details,  QDCRs, Qualified Registries, and other third-parties can’t access your Final Score Preview. The only parties authorized to view scores are: 

  • Clinicians
  • Representatives with the “Staff Use” or “Security Official” role at your practice
  • Alternative Payment Model (APM) entities with the “Staff Use” or “Security Official” role for the organization
  • A Medicare Shared Savings Program Accountable Care Organizations (ACO) “QPP Staff Use” role or “QPP Security Official” role
  • Virtual group representatives with the “Staff Use” or “Security Official” role  

What information is available for review?

According to the 2021 MIPS Final Score Preview FAQ, the score will show data for the highest final score for clinicians covering a number of categories, including:

  • Performance category-level scores and weights;
  • Bonus points;
  • Measure-level performance data and scores; and
  • Activity-level scores.

What won’t be available, according to CMS, is any information related to payment adjustments or patient-level reports. 

Is there any leeway for the effects of COVID-19 during 2021?

For performance year 2021, MIPS has applied the Extreme and Uncontrollable Circumstances (EUC) policy to all individual clinicians enrolled in MIPS. What this means is that clinicians that did not submit data for 2021 or only submitted for one category are automatically given a neutral payment adjustment, and all categories without submitted data are weighted at 0%. CMS has also reweighted the cost performance category from 20% down to 0% for 2021, with that weight distributed to other categories.

What should I do if I believe my score is incorrect?

If you’ve previewed your score and you believe adjustments are needed, you’re encouraged to contact QPP at 1-866-288-8292 via telephone, or to email at CMS notes that any concerns or changes sought here should be separate from targeted review, wherein clinicians can request a review of the calculation of their MIPS payment and additional payment adjustment factors. Targeted review won’t be available until the MIPS payment adjustment information is made available in August, 2022. 

If you’re looking for a detailed walkthrough of how to navigate your MIPS Final Score Preview, the FAQ sheet will help you navigate the data. And we do recommend that every clinician enrolled in MIPS take the opportunity to look at their data; your 2023 MIPS payment adjustment is too important to make assumptions about accuracy, especially in light of any financial blowbacks stemming from the pandemic. 

If MIPS participation and reporting is still a bit of a head-scratcher for you, check out our MIPS 101 tutorial, download our comprehensive guide, or let us take care of it for you with our MIPS reporting package, now bundled with WebPT Outcomes.


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