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Apple iPad FAQ for PTs

Apple products are helping Physical Therapist do their jobs more efficiently. Great efficiency in the office lead to increased profits!

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January 31, 2011
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Thank you to everyone who attended our webinar last week on "iPad use for the Physical Therapists." For those of you who couldn’t attend the webinar, we will be posting a recorded version of the presentation on our website in the near future. Each of the sessions we hosted for the webinar ended with a 15 minute Q&A period. This gave us at WebPT some valuable insight into the concerns of the modern physical therapy clinic.

We will use this space here to address any questions that may not have been answered in our iPad webinar presentation. We encourage you to ask additional questions in the comments of this post, so we may add them to this list.

Frequently Asked Questions About the iPad

How can I print from the iPad?The new iPad operating system has enabled the ability to wirelessly print. You will have to use the Apple ‘Share’ Icon to use this feature. The final option in the dropdown menu that appears should be print. See if your printer is ‘Airprint’ capable here.

Do I have to install extra security measures to use the iPad in the healthcare situations?
WebPT is an encrypted application that has built in security measures. The iPad will not undermine any of the security features we have in place. I would suggest setting up a password protected wireless network as well as a password lock on the iPad itself.

Does Dragon Voice Recognition Software work with the iPad?
Nuance Communication has created an iPad app for the Dragon Naturally Speaking Software. Our members who use it gave us some good feedback on its efficiency in healthcare applications. Follow this link to learn more about Dragon software.

Is there a WebPT iPad app available?
No, there is not a WebPT iPad application available. The reason for this is that WebPT is entirely web-based, so WebPT can be already entirely accessed through the iPad web browswer - without a "app" for the iPad. Typically, softwares that are not web-based would need a mobile application to allow access. With WebPT, this is not the case. On the iPad, simply open your internet browser and go to to log in. All features of WebPT are available on the iPad.

How much memory does my iPad need to be effective?
The answer to this question largely depends on how you will be using your new iPad. If you tend to save lots of photos and documents to your iPad then you may need more memory. For those of you who have a Web-Based system like WebPT, you won’t need additional storage since documentation is stored directly into our application. Ultimately, this decision is going to depend on usage. Each upgrade in GB storage generally raises the cost of an iPad around $100.

Can I access WebPT from my smartphone?
Yes! A WebPT member reported that he was on the tee-box of a golf course when a physician called him and asked him for a progress note. Instead of having to frantically call his office to fax the note out, he simply logged on to WebPT and faxed the note our straight from the golf course. Again, WebPT is completely Web-Based. If have Internet access, you have access to WebPT.

Does the iPad have a spell check?
The Apple iPad operating system has a spell check built-in. If you spell something wrong, it will underline it in red. Simply tap on the word in question and iPad will present you the correct spelling. Tap on the correct word and it will automatically replace it for you.

What are my other options when it comes to mobile technology?
No mobile technology has made it uses for the heathcare industry more abundantly clear than the iPad. That being said, the tablet market is expanding greatly and many competors are releasing new products. Choosing a mobile technology will depend on your clinic’s specific needs. In the meantime, this blog post on iPad alternatives should point you in the right direction.

Can I get rid of my computer once I get my iPad?
NO. I cannot stress this enough. The iPad can be a powerful partner to the technology you already have, but getting rid of your desktop would be mistake resulting in frustration.


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