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10 Downright Humerus Physical Therapy Jokes

A look at the lighter side of physical therapy for April Fools’ Day

Mike Willee
5 min read
April 1, 2022
webpt april fools day
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It’s April Fools’ Day—a day for PTs to engage in that other type of leg-pulling. Depending upon how you roll, April Fools’ Day jokes may elicit a chuckle or shake of the head, based upon how funny or convincing the joke. In this case, we’ll dispense with the typical “fooling” part of the day, in which we claim that WebPT has come upon some heretofore undiscovered muscle in the body, or has finally brought EMR to Darkplace Hospital. Instead, we’ll share some of the best physical therapy jokes we’ve come across on the Internet. Maybe it’s a stretch for an entire blog post, but we hope these give you a laugh—or at least a groan.

Brace Yourself: These Are Goni Be Great


"What did the pinched nerve say to the patient? `Before physical therapy, I was a pain in the neck.’" —Results Physiotherapy

“Are you a positive L3 myotome? Because you make my knees weak.” —Reddit user u/SympatheticNeuron

“Why do driving instructors make good physical therapists? Because they can teach fine motor skills.” —

“What’s a physical therapist’s favorite coffee drink? A tensor fascia latte.” —Reddit user u/messiisgod11

“Why would Gwen Stefani make a bad physical therapist? She has a strict ‘Don't tell me cause it hurts’ policy.” — (This one is dedicated especially to anyone else who grew up in the ‘90s.)

“What’s the physical therapist’s favorite movie? Empire Strides Back.” —AlterG

“Knock Knock... Who's there? HIPAA... HIPAA who? Sorry, I can’t tell you that.” —Reddit user u/ckaplan2

“What did the femur say to the patella? I kneed you.” —Kidadl

"I had a patient come in complaining about lower leg pain. I told them it is going tibia ok." —Results Physiotherapy

They say the best jokes are the ones that contain some amount of truth, which is why we saved this one for last:

“All of my patients do all of their exercises.” —Reddit user u/Cr1ms0nBl4d3

Alright, maybe these jokes aren’t the most hip, but working in the field of PT can be challenging; it’s good to take a moment for a laugh or a smile when the opportunity arises.

Have your own physical therapy jokes you’d like to share? Feel free to share them with us! Think of the comment section as practice for your budding stand-up career.


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