Brad and Heidi Jannenga
Heidi and Brad Jannenga WebPT Founders

A Marriage of Tech and PT: The WebPT Story

In 2006, Heidi Jannenga, a leading sports physical therapist and clinic director, was looking for ways to improve her clinic’s bottom line. After identifying dictation as one of her practice’s biggest costs, she started looking for a less expensive solution to documentation. Not having the strongest background in technology, she enlisted the help of her then-boyfriend, Brad, a veteran technologist with plenty of experience in the software world. Heidi knew she needed something that would not only fit her workflow as a PT, but also would be affordable, easy to use, and a cinch to implement in her clinic. The more Brad and Heidi shopped around, though, the more discouraged they became. That was when Brad, a natural problem-solver, suggested he build Heidi’s dream solution. So, he started going to work with Heidi to get an idea of her workflow and documentation needs. In the evenings, the two would regroup and brainstorm on how the software should work. Then, Brad would get to coding. And piece by piece, WebPT—a web-based physical therapy EMR—was born.

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