Working together just got easier

Practices with multiple clinics are realizing the benefits of WebPT in a big way.  WebPT’s focus on simplicity, compliance, and ease of use make it truly unique. But the biggest headaches for multiple clinics vanish when clinics take advantage of the elegant built-in features that save time and money while enhancing standardization across clinics.


TOP 10 Benefits to Multi-Clinic Practices

  1. Implement in one hour not weeks – Implementing an EMR across several clinics can be a nightmare. Installing desktop solutions at each individual clinic means lots of IT maintenance, training, upgrades, and costs. And if one system goes down, that clinic falls behind the rest of the group. WebPT eliminates all of those hurdles. Every PT in the group has access to one online EMR system that they can access anywhere. No installation, no costs for upgrades, no extra hardware, and it requires just 1-2 hours of training to learn.
  2. Access one central system from anywhere – Managers no longer have to go from clinic to clinic to monitor documentation. WebPT allows them access any data they need from their laptop, iPad, or smart phone, as it’s all stored in one system. Managers get “super user access” that gives them a holistic view of what’s happening across their entire organization.
  3. Work together over the web in real-time with secure, internal messaging – WebPT provides a secure, internal online messaging system that connects PTs and administrators across multiple clinics. Communication can occur online throughout the entire organization for better efficiency and support.
  4. Compliance – WebPT’s EMR system ensures that all clinics in a group are compliant with Medicare, insurance mandates and HIPAA.
  5. Time and Cost Savings – Clinic groups spend thousands of dollars a month on electronic transcription. WebPT removes that hurdle by allowing the PTs to document during their sessions on a laptop or tablet. This means you eliminate transcription costs, documents are consistent and free from coding errors, claims are filed faster and more efficiently, reimbursements are maximized, and cash flow is improved.
  6. Free features that cut costs – Additional features such as integrated scheduling, one-click faxing, and automated appointment reminders reduce workload for front-office staff and can help to decrease no-shows up to 30%. 
  7. Consistency – What if all evals, progress notes, daily notes and reports all looked the same?  Getting everyone to complete their notes correctly; Nice.  Having everyone’s documentation standardized and compliant every time?  Priceless.
  8. Reduce overhead and capital expenses – Larger clinic groups are seeing costs rise while reimbursements stay stagnant. WebPT helps clinics save money on IT support, transcription, technology, and administrative support.
  9. Contacts Manager –  Physicians, Patients and Payers all accessible in one location across all clinics.
  10. Attract talent – Physical Therapy is one of the fastest growing healthcare segments in the US. It’s a race to recruit top talent as demand increases year over year. The best PTs are tech savvy and progressive. Web-based systems that let these PTs incorporate mobile technology into their practice give clinics a leg up in recruitment

And for an added bonus here are 3 more benefits for any size clinic: 

  1. Low upfront costs – no expensive hardware, annual license fees, or consulting fees to implement the solution means you don’t have to take out a loan to implement an EMR
  2. No long-term contracts – we have to earn your business every day.  You can cancel at any time, so we are motivated to make sure the software is meeting your clinics needs.
  3. Regular updates at no additional charge – We constantly upgrade the software to add new features, adapt to changing regulations and respond to the requests of our member community.


WebPT simply allows you to work more easily with coworkers, patients, physicians and insurance companies.  Share documents, coordinate calendars, fax documents and run your practice on the web.