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Our founder, Heidi Jannenga, developed WebPT within an outpatient sports medicine practice, so our documentation platform aligns perfectly with the workflow of physical therapists. And since launching our EMR, we’ve developed a whole suite of products and services, each designed with input from our massive and diverse community of therapy providers.

“Having used other software in the past, WebPT is far superior in its layout and specificity of information for the PT setting. I specifically am pleased with the amount of freeform input you can use, but there are also many things that are point-and-click to speed entry.”

headshot of Pat Swancutt

Pat Swancutt, PT, ATC, CSCS

Provider, Performance Therapies, P.C.

Use tools specific to physical therapy.

Because WebPT was designed for PTs by a PT, you can count on every facet being optimized for outpatient therapy. In addition to accounting for all PT-specific Medicare reporting and billing requirements—like the 8-minute rule and the therapy threshold—our software includes all relevant modifiers as well as ICD and CPT codes. Plus, our system contains a wealth of PT-relevant outcome tracking tools. We also offer modules tailored to physical therapy specialties, like wellness care, pediatrics, neuro, vestibular, and pelvic health.

physical therapists attending to a man using parallel bars to walk

Represent your practice.

Every document you create in our system will have a physical therapy label—and your clinic’s name and logo—right at the top of the page, so the source and content of your emailed and faxed documents are immediately clear to referring providers and other recipients. And you can send those documents directly from the WebPT system.

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Represent your profession.

Not only does our rehab-focused platform offer the best software for practicing therapists; it also offers the best in education and support. WebPT comes with the expertise of real-life rehab therapists—and we infuse that knowledge into every aspect of our free training, support, and educational content. This ensures our Members are not only expert WebPT users, but also expert clinicians and leaders in their fields.

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