Patient Retention and Activation

Reduce patient dropout and create loyal, lifelong patients by engaging them throughout—and after—their courses of care.

Stop early self-discharge.

There’s a pervasive problem in rehab therapy that no one wants to talk about—and it’s costing providers and practice owners in the United States around $6 billion every year. That problem is patient dropout. According to WebPT’s own research, 20% of rehab therapy patients drop out during the first three visits—and 70% don’t make it to a formal discharge. As a result, practices lose an average of $150,000 a year from patient dropout alone. And according to this resource, the top driver of early self-discharge is, quite simply, dissatisfaction with service or treatment. With WebPT Reach, you can easily track patient satisfaction and loyalty, identify patients who are at risk of dropping out of care early, and take meaningful action to right the ship.

“WebPT Reach allows us to keep the conversation going with our patients, which helps turn them into lifelong patients rather than episodic ones.”

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Michael Durand

Vice President of Business Development, Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine Centers (PTSMC)

Measure—and act on—patient feedback.

In addition to identifying overall satisfaction trends, WebPT enables practices to collect specific feedback they can then apply at the therapist, clinic, or company level. Armed with this data, practice leaders can better manage and upskill current employees, pinpoint clinical gaps that may inform future hiring decisions, and focus on operational areas that need the most attention—whether that’s the intake process, billing and payment collection, appointment flow, or patient-therapist alignment on treatment style and approach. All of this allows practices to create the best possible experience for every patient—at every point along the care journey.

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Send the right message at the right time.

In addition to tracking patient loyalty and satisfaction, you can bolster patient engagement by delivering expertly timed and highly segmented communication. WebPT equips practices with an array of tools to automate and monitor patient communication. For example, practices use WebPT to:

  • Connect with patients pre-treatment to collect intake paperwork.
  • Provide patients with an interactive home exercise program.
  • Collect outcomes questionnaires.
  • Send appointment reminders.
  • Message patients between appointments to check progress, celebrate milestones, and provide relevant content.
Patient Retention And Activation Timing

Leverage your happiest patients to attract new ones.

Retention drives recruitment—especially considering that nearly three-quarters of patients use online reviews as the first step in finding a new healthcare provider, and more than 80% use online reviews at some point in the provider evaluation process. So, the more satisfied, loyal patients you retain—and tap for reviews—the better positioned you are to drive even more new patients through your doors. WebPT automates this entire process, from distributing loyalty surveys and analyzing results, to identifying—and requesting reviews from—the patients who are the most likely to sing your praises online. Think of it as your practice’s one-stop-shop for boosting recruitment, retention, and revenue—all in a few clicks.

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