Increased Reimbursements

Get paid what you deserve by perfecting the entire revenue cycle.

Submit clean claims and receive fast, maximized reimbursements.

Timely claim payment hinges on complete, compliant documentation—especially in the event of an unwarranted rejection or denial. With WebPT, you can be sure your therapists are creating defensible documentation that supports your billing practices and protects you in the case of an audit or appeal. And because everything lives on one platform, you can see charges out and payments in with no double data entry or hand-keyed reporting.

“We are getting reimbursed much quicker than we expected to as a new practice. Most insurances are paying us within two or three weeks, and some claims have even been paid in as few as five days! We highly recommend WebPT to anyone.”

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Heather N. Hubert, PT, DPT, CLT

Co-Owner, Hubert Physical Therapy, LLC

Maintain total control of your billing process or outsource it to our team
of experts.

Our billing software empowers you to fully own and optimize your clinic’s billing—from selecting the right codes and modifiers to leveraging customized reports to identify billing gaps and trends. Want to offload billing entirely? With our RCM service, you can rest easy knowing our team of regionally specialized billing experts is constantly working claims, following up with payers, and fighting to ensure you receive every dollar you deserve.

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Leverage data to negotiate better payer rates.

You know you deliver top-notch care at a lower cost compared to more invasive, traditional treatment routes. WebPT Outcomes allows you to objectively prove it to third-party payers and thus, effectively negotiate for higher reimbursement rates and better contracts. Our built-in outcomes tracking functionality ensures consistent patient data collection, and our sophisticated reporting tools give you the ability to analyze and present your outcomes information in a way that clearly highlights the value you deliver.

Leverage Data

Pinpoint leaks and optimize
financial performance.

You work hard to acquire patients and provide exceptional care; don’t let your effort go to waste by losing that revenue elsewhere. Use WebPT Analytics and our billing tools to pinpoint areas that are ripe for financial optimization. Our slew of intelligent reports identify miscoding, miscollections, denial trends, and other A/R opportunities—and advise you on how to course-correct.

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