December 12, 2018, 9:00 AM PST / 12:00 PM EST

Picture this: snowflakes drift lazily through the bitter winter air and pile softly on your windowsill. You’re snuggled up under your softest blanket, holding a steaming cup of cocoa and smiling as your family laughs and chatters happily after tearing open their holiday gifts.

Then, someone hands you a box wrapped in shiny blue paper with a tag that reads, “From Medicare.” You rip into the bright wrapping paper, but as it falls to the floor, you notice something odd: there’s another layer of paper underneath. You peel that off only to find another layer beneath that. And another. And another!

Medicare is the gift that just keeps on giving, and its newest addition, MIPS, is wrapped in layer upon layer of hard-to-follow rules. (Talk about fa-la-la-la frustrating!) Luckily, our compliance experts are here to help you tear into the nitty gritty of MIPS and the 2019 Final Rule. There’s good stuff inside—we promise!

So, kick your compliance confusion to the icy curb, and register for our webinar at 9:00 AM PST (10:00 AM MST/11:00 AM CST/12:00 PM EST) on Wednesday, December 12, 2018, with hosts Dr. Heidi Jannenga, PT, DPT, ATC, WebPT President and Co-Founder, and Dianne Jewell, PT, DPT, PhD, WebPT Director of Clinical Practice, Outcomes, and Education. During the webinar, our experts will:

  • Provide in-depth details of the MIPS program—including what it is and how it works
  • Break down the rest of the regulatory changes resulting from the 2019 Final Rule
  • Explain what all of this means for the future of rehab therapy

You’ll get the cold, hard facts about MIPS and the 2019 Final Rule, and we bet that afterward, you’ll feel like you’re walkin’ in a Medicare reimbursement wonderland.

Finished with the webinar and hungry for more? Check out our FAQ for answers to the most common questions we received during the presentation.

Webinar Presenters

Dr. Heidi Jannenga


Chief Clinical Officer and Co-Founder

Dr. Dianne Jewell


WebPT Director of Clinical Practice, Outcomes, and Education

Charlotte Bohnett

Director of Demand Generation

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