You wake up and check Facebook before you’ve even had your morning coffee. You scroll through Twitter on your lunch break. You peruse the discussions unfolding on your LinkedIn groups before you go to bed. Let’s face it: we’re addicted to social media. Of course, liking your friends’ vacation photos in your spare time is far different than enticing people to become patients at your practice. Ultimately, people interact differently with brands than they do with their “friends.” Still, everyone—from industry titans to local mom-and-pops—is doing it. But are they doing it right? And more importantly, is it benefiting their businesses?

Join WebPT founder and COO Heidi Jannenga and marketing director Mike Manheimer as they examine social media use from a rehab therapy business perspective. In addition to discussing popular platforms and strategies, they’ll hash out whether social media is genuinely worthwhile for those in the PT industry.

Want to set up social media profiles for your business? Here are some how-tos:

Webinar Presenters

Dr. Heidi Jannenga


Chief Clinical Officer and Co-Founder

Mike Manheimer

Former WebPTer

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