In this day and age, it seems like everybody wants more for less—and that’s certainly true in the healthcare realm. With nationwide reform efforts pushing providers to deliver higher-quality care at a lower cost, value—and the ability to prove it—is absolutely critical. Most rehab therapists will tell you the services they provide are more valuable than anyone knows. And that’s precisely the problem. No one knows the value of physical and occupational therapy. But outcomes tracking can change all that.

In this month’s webinar, Dr. Heidi Jannenga and Charlotte Bohnett will address the value question and specifically examine how outcomes tracking can answer it. They’ll explain:

  • What outcomes tracking is
  • Why PTs and OTs should care
  • How they can implement and leverage outcomes tracking within their practices

Webinar Presenters

Dr. Heidi Jannenga


Chief Clinical Officer and Co-Founder

Charlotte Bohnett

Director of Demand Generation

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