Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, telehealth wasn’t a common means of treatment delivery for rehab therapists. After all, rehab therapy is largely hands-on—and telehealth was largely absent from rehab therapy state practice acts, Medicare coverage guidelines, and commercial payer policies.

That all changed in a matter of weeks. As our nation entered a state of emergency and Americans found themselves bound by stay-at-home and shelter-in-place orders, the door to virtual rehab therapy treatment opened wider than ever before. Suddenly, PTs, OTs, and SLPs were not only allowed to provide telehealth services, but also clamoring to adopt this new mode of care delivery. Many practices—especially those in the hardest-hit areas of the country—have relied on telehealth services almost exclusively to maintain care continuity for their most at-risk patients.

And even as the world reopens, the threat of infection will remain—which means there’s a good chance telehealth will continue to play a key role in rehab therapy patient care for months to come. So, if your clinic has not yet integrated telehealth into its practice model, we highly recommend doing so ASAP. To help make the telehealth adoption process as easy as possible for you and your staff, we put together a comprehensive resource covering everything you need to know about providing telehealth services—from selecting a platform and training your staff to marketing your new offerings and billing for telehealth visits. Simply enter your email in the form, and we’ll send you your free copy immediately.

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