As of 2015, all 50 states are direct access states. That means patients across the entire US have the power to choose which physical therapist they want to see, and they can do so without first obtaining a physician referral. There’s just one caveat: Each state has its own unique set of laws that lay out the terms of direct access. Not only that, but these laws are frequently adjusted and updated—and they’re usually encrypted in all kinds of complicated legalese, which makes it difficult for PTs to stay on top of the rules in their respective states. With that in mind, we here at WebPT went through all of the legal mumbo jumbo; condensed it into this comprehensive, easy-to-read guide; and made it available to you at absolutely no cost.

You have the power to be the go-to provider for patients with musculoskeletal conditions in your area—with or without a physician prescription. Fill out the form below, and we’ll email you a guide containing everything you need to know about the direct access laws in your state.

Download the PT's Guide to Direct Access Law in All 50 States.