Rehab therapists have been included in the MIPS program for more than a year now—which means you’ve endured a full year of trying to learn about (and navigate!) the twists and turns of MIPS. While simply understanding MIPS is hard enough, therapists have also been tasked with separating fact from fiction, as some vendors continue to use the cloud of MIPS-related confusion and unease to sell their MIPS-specific products. But, we believe therapists deserve to have access to the information they need to create the best possible MIPS strategy for themselves and their practices—which is exactly why we created a digestible-yet-comprehensive guide exclusively for rehab therapists. 

This download includes the most relevant spin-free MIPS information that rehab therapists must know to succeed in the program—and it’s explained in a way that actually makes sense. If knowledge is power, then this is (for all intents and purposes) an arsenal. So, empower yourself with information: enter your email below, and we’ll send you a free copy of The Rehab Therapist’s Guide to MIPS.

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