30+ Years

How long we’ve been ensuring clients receive the payments they deserve

$1 Billion

The total amount we collect annually on our Members’ behalf


The number of regional billing centers we have across the country


The average payment-per-visit increase our Members see after partnering with us


Our customer retention rate

With RevServe, your practice handles day-to-day processes like:

  • Credentialing
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Patient registration and demographics entry
  • Insurance verification
  • Treatment authorization
  • EMR charge entry
  • Time-of-service patient payment posting
  • Payment deposits

WebPT handles the rest of your billing needs, including:

Medicare Compliance

Ensure you meet all Medicare requirements with our built-in compliance functionality.

Payer Formatting

Create customized payer edits to expedite claim submission and processing.


Take the entire billing process off your plate, as we:

  • Scrub and send out claims on a daily basis.
  • Cover clearinghouse requirements.
  • Rebill claims and bill patients or secondary payers.

A/R Management

Rest easy knowing that:

  • We can immediately isolate the outlier claims that typically require follow-up.
  • We have a growing list of direct electronic claims submission channels to key payers, including Medicare.
  • We receive payment retrospectively, meaning we don’t get paid until your practice does.


Stop spinning your wheels on the collections process, as we:

  • Complete all follow-up with primary, secondary, and tertiary payers.
  • Issue your clinic’s patient statements—and follow up on those statements.
  • Work all denials.
  • Ensure all payments go directly from the payer to your practice.

Payer Formatting

Leave insurance payment posting to us.

Reporting and Benchmarking

  • Get instant insights on your practice’s financial health with hundreds of practice management reports.
  • Benchmark your organization’s performance against known national standards and operating metrics.

Coding Training

Enroll your staff in our advanced coding training to ensure you’re maximizing your billing.