When you pair WebPT’s web-based documentation platform with our comprehensive practice management services, you get an all-in-one rehab therapy business solution—complete with real-time business intelligence and compliance reporting.

Hold your staff accountable.

Our practice management solution provides clinic administrators with tools they can use to track staff productivity and audit activity within the WebPT application. That way, you can ensure optimal employee performance.

Monitor compliance.

WebPT includes a variety of compliance reports that allow you to see how your clinic is doing with regulations such as PQRS and functional limitation reporting.

Increase referrals.

The Referral Report tracks all of your clinic’s referral sources and shows you which ones are generating the most business for you. That way, you know which marketing efforts are working and which referral sources might need a bit of extra attention.

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Maximize your clinic’s revenue.

Our arsenal of business reports give you the ability to track and identify lost patients—including cancellations and no-shows—as well as monitor billing information such as claim status and units billed. That way, you can pinpoint areas where you might be missing revenue opportunities. Additionally, you can analyze how regulations such as Medicare's multiple procedure payment reduction (MPPR) are impacting your bottom line.

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Stay on top of patient note requirements.

Keep your clinic running like a well-oiled machine with our certification status report—which ensures your patients’ plans of care are always up to date—and the Medicare cap report, which shows you each patient’s progress toward the therapy cap.

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See why WebPT is the most trusted physical therapy software.

  • Chat Box

    Want to chat with your team? No problem.

    With WebPT’s instant messaging function, employees and managers alike can easily communicate right within the application. It’s like passing notes online.

  • Milk Carton

    Missing something? We’ll find it.

    Never let another lost patient or incomplete SOAP note fall through the cracks. WebPT identifies missing documentation as well as patient cancellations and no-shows—and makes sure you know about them, too.

  • Reminder

    Wondering when you need a new prescription? Let us remind you.

    Our prescription report tracks patient prescriptions and notifies you when one expires or is nearing expiration, depending on your timeframe preference.

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