WebPT is more than documentation, scheduling, practice management, and billing. We're your partner—dedicated to helping your business grow.

Empower your therapists to document like therapists.

Not all EMRs are created equal, and while many multi-clinic chains settle for EMRs that offer a lot of data razzle-dazzle, the actual documentation component often is, well, garbage. Wondering if that's your situation? Ask your therapists what they think of your current documentation workflow. We're betting it doesn't really work for them. When have cumbersome processes and unhappy employees ever improved your bottom line?

WebPT was born in the digital age and grew up as a system made for PTs, by PTs. Your staff deserves better than some physician system spin-off that came about in the days of dial-up. They deserve a documentation solution that's on-par with the incredible care they provide. And that solution is WebPT.

Empower your therapists

Get the support you deserve.

Current EMR acting distant? Can't remember the last time you talked to a real person? We feel you. That's why, with WebPT's Enterprise Package, you receive a dedicated support team of actual people with actual names—and they'll make it a point to know yours, too.

Whether your staff has a question about documentation or the latest Medicare regulation, your team is always a phone call away. In a pinch after normal business hours? No problem. We've got you covered with:

  • On-demand online training
  • Wealth of blogs, webinars, and user guides to suit any learning style
  • Regular in-clinic visits

In short, our dedication knows no bounds.

Great Support

Enjoy the freedom to bill how you want.

Most five-star restaurants have a very fine-tuned menu. That's because they've figured out exactly what they're good at—and they've stuck to it. The same holds true for us. We're phenomenal at documentation, scheduling, and compliance—like ridiculously phenomenal. So, we set out to find billing solutions that matched us step for phenomenal step—and we found the cream of the crop.

When you have the power of WebPT, you also have the power of choice. We don't box you in when it comes to billing; choose the software that best suits your business and your needs. Want to outsource your billing? We've got a service just for you. Already got a billing software you love? We'll do our darndest to build an integration (we're an equal opportunity billing integrator). Basically, you name your billing requirements, and we'll find a solution that exceeds them.

Billing Freedom
  • Peace of mind

    Put your mind at ease.

    Our therapy-specific documentation tool accounts for every reporting regulation, and we've mapped out how therapists should report to ensure compliance and maximized reimbursements.

  • Work those numbers

    Make the numbers work for you.

    Our built-in reporting suite allows you to truly dig into your business's performance—from analyzing staff productivity to tracking referral sources and lost patients.

  • Data your way

    Analyze your data how you want.

    We'll give you a flat file of all your data, which means you and your team—finally—have the freedom to crunch your numbers to your heart's content.

Cure your compliance woes.

Medicare has a lot of hoops that rehab therapists need to jump through before they get paid. That’s why we integrate every Medicare requirement into our documentation platform—to ensure your therapists report correctly every time.

With WebPT’s Enterprise Package, you automatically receive every one of our system’s compliance features, including registry-based PQRS reporting, functional limitation G-code functionality, and 8-minute rule, therapy cap, and CCI edit alerts. What a relief, right?

Compliance Remedy

View every visit, every therapist, every patient.

Arrivederci, day planners! Adios, desk calendars! Au Revoir, restrictive, cumbersome scheduling software! It's time your scheduler and documentation worked in perfect tandem. With our Front Office Package—which comes standard with the Enterprise Package—you get the epitome of patient visit organization:

  • View staff calendars, clinic schedules, and patient information snapshots all in one screen.
  • Experience up to a 30% decrease in no-shows across every clinic location with automated appointment reminders.
  • Enjoy unlimited faxing and emailing directly out of the WebPT system.
  • Securely upload and store documents.
  • Embed a customizable intake form on your website; patient-entered information feeds directly into the record.
Don't miss a thing

Put data breach worries to bed.

Your clinics have a lot of protected health information (PHI) in their archives, and if they use a paper filing system or house all of those records in a server-based system, then the burden of keeping it safe and secure rests solely on your shoulders. That's a lot of pressure. So, let us take security worries off of your already heaping plate. WebPT houses all system data at a facility with:

  • SSAE 16 Type II certification
  • Tier III Certification of Design Documents from the Uptime Institute
  • Highly controlled access
  • Round-the-clock surveillance

We're talking bank-level security—and, of course, full HIPAA compliance. Plus, our application has secure user interfaces and logins that feature 256-bit SSL encryption and strict password guidelines. In short, no matter how many dead bolts, combination locks, or ferocious guard dogs you employ in your clinics, your data will never be as safe as it is with us.

No worries

Stop the suffering; switching to WebPT is easy.

The old "change is tough" axiom simply doesn't apply with WebPT, because we do everything we can to ensure your transition to our system is seamless. That includes:

  • Traveling to all of your locations to conduct in-person training and Q&A sessions.
  • Offering an intuitive online training tool that you and your staff can consult whenever you need a refresher on a particular feature or function.
  • Providing you with your own super-knowledgeable, super-friendly support team.

All of this comes at no extra charge; we're that dedicated to your satisfaction and success.

Switch to WebPT

Get the ultimate EMR at the best price.

  • Discounted users
  • SOAP note documentation
  • Scheduling
  • Choice of WebPT Billing Service or a billing integration with your preferred billing software
  • Unlimited appointment reminders
  • Practice management reporting
  • Anytime access to clinic data
  • Home exercise program
  • Integrated exercise flowsheets
  • Onsite training
  • Dedicated support team
  • Outcomes tracking
  • Registry-based PQRS
  • Unlimited phone and email support
  • Unlimited faxing and emailing
  • Specialty-specific modules
  • Auto-scored outcome measurement tools
  • Built-in CCI edits
  • CPT and diagnosis code selector
  • Integrated functional limitation reporting
  • Therapy cap and 8-minute rule tracking
  • Discounts on clinic supplies through the WebPT Marketplace
  • Discounted tickets to the Ascend Business Summit
  • Exclusive access to online networking groups

Call us now at 866-221-1870, option 1, to receive your free, custom quote.

You may think you've seen every EMR under the sun. But trust us, you've never experienced WebPT for the Enterprise. We're not the same ol' story. We're not the same ol' song and dance.

See for yourself.

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