• Owner
    • Compliant

      Seamless, automatic updates ensure total compliance with constantly changing reform initiatives and Medicare regulations.

    • Patient-Centered

      Integrated outcomes tracking allows therapists to better engage patients in their treatment programs as well as highlight functional progress.

    • Cost-Effective

      Our system is 100% web-based, which means no upfront investment in expensive hardware and no costly maintenance.

    WebPT has helped secure the survival and even growth of my physical therapy practice! I can't thank you enough!
    Picture of Jonathan Di Lauri

    Jonathan Di Lauri, MPT, CMP, TGI, CGFI

    Clinic Owner, JointCare Physical Therapy

  • Front Office
    • Efficient

      Our scheduling functionality allows front office staff to quickly and easily view therapist and room calendars; book appointments; and access patient records and insurance information.

    • Patient-Centered

      Our automatic appointment reminders reduce patient cancellations and no-shows by as much as 30%. Patients can choose to receive reminders via phone, email, or text.

    • Web-Based

      With our eDoc feature, clinic staff can upload and store any relevant documents within our system, so all relevant patient information is always in one place.

    WebPT offered us an easy and efficient way to fax and email our documents to insurance companies and/or physician offices directly from the application.
    Picture of Michael Conlon

    Michael Conlon, PT

    Therapist, Finish Line Physical Therapy

  • Biller
    • Profitable

      No more chasing down data, claim statuses, or payments. WebPT offers HIPAA-compliant systems; real-time analytics; patient invoicing and billing; and secure patient portals.

    • Efficient

      In addition to streamlining billing workflows, WebPT provides super-simple, user-friendly billing interfaces; detailed activity logs; and one invoice from one company.

    • Inclusive

      WebPT provides everything required to optimize your billing processes: unlimited claims submission and support, credit card processing, auto-eligibility checks, a patient portal, and a fee-free, integrated clearinghouse.

  • Therapist
    • Patient-Centered

      Integrated outcomes tracking allows therapists to better engage patients in their treatment programs as well as highlight functional progress.

    • User-Friendly

      Built by a therapist for therapists, our intuitive system perfectly aligns with rehab provider workflows. We make it easy for therapists to get up and running without losing productivity.

    • Efficient

      Customizable SOAP notes allow therapists to document quickly, and built-in compliance alerts ensure inclusion of all required information. That means cleaner claims, fewer denials, and decreased risk of suffering any long, tedious audits.

    Using WebPT means that all of my notes are legible and professional.
    Picture of Ann Wendel

    Ann Wendel, PT, ATC, CMTPT

    Therapist, Prana Physical Therapy

Health Care is Complicated; Running Your Practice Shouldn’t Be

Whether you’re a one-therapist show or the owner of a large, multi-provider clinic, you’ve got a lot on your shoulders: compliance requirements to satisfy, budgets to balance, schedules to maximize, and—most importantly—patients to heal. The last thing you need is clunky software, disorganized files, or an inefficient workflow holding you, your staff, and your business back.

Sure, the healthcare industry in general is complex and convoluted, but your day-to-day operations shouldn’t be—and when you have the right software partner in your corner, you can rest easy knowing you’ve got all of your business-critical ducks in a row.

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See why WebPT is the most trusted physical therapy software.

You Deserve a Partner Who Has Your Back

WebPT was built by a PT for PTs; we started as an ideal solution for single-clinic practices. And even though we’ve since grown into the leading software in all of outpatient rehab, we’ll never abandon our roots. In fact, we’re constantly iterating on our products and services to ensure they continue to accommodate outpatient practices of all sizes—from one therapist to one thousand. No other software in rehab makes—or maintains—that kind of commitment.

Single Clinics

WebPT is the Ideal Solution

WebPT provides therapy-specific documentation, scheduling, billing, and outcomes-tracking—all of which align perfectly with therapists’ workflows. Additionally, we offer:

  • Built-in compliance alerts and safeguards
  • Scheduling and staff management tools
  • Online onboarding and training services
  • Data migration services
  • Always included customer service and technical support
  • Robust security settings and certifications
  • Anytime, anywhere accessibility
  • Branded clinic notes
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See why WebPT is the leading software for outpatient rehab therapy.

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