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For more than 36 years, OSI Physical Therapy has helped patients achieve optimal function through skilled physical therapy interventions, programs, and education. What started in 1980 as a small, dedicated team seeing patients in the back of a Stillwater, Minnesota, restaurant called the Chicken Shack has since grown into nine clinics and 106 employees—some of whom have been with OSI since the very beginning


According to OSI’s CEO, Jody Hahn, the company faced some “technology issues.” The team knew they needed more up-to-date—and mobile-friendly—technology in their clinic, especially given the ever-increasing regulatory requirements impacting physical therapists. However, the EMR they were using wasn’t web-based and thus, limited both portability and accessibility. In addition to having an outdated system, Hahn said their old EMR company was unresponsive to OSI’s needs. “Making a change would sometimes take a year—if that change happened at all,” she said. “We never heard from them, and when we needed them due to an issue, they were not helpful.”

In fact, the team’s experience with their previous vendor made them want to ditch technology altogether: “There are certainly days I wish we could go back to paper,” Hahn said. “However, in all honesty, it would be impossible to keep up with all the regulations and requirements. Doing a simple SOAP note just doesn’t cut it these days. All the billing and compliance rules are burdensome, and it would be risky business to think anyone could be documenting on paper anymore. Just think of ICD-10—and how painful that would be to have to look up all those codes manually to fill out an encounter form!”

While she may have longed for the days of simple paper SOAP notes, Hahn was well aware that her company’s original, paper-based method for tracking patient satisfaction needed a technological upgrade. “We’ve been in business for 37 years now, and we were [still] using a paper form” to distribute a four-question satisfaction survey, she said. It would then take the team about a month to review patient feedback, a process that “was inefficient and non-responsive.” And that wasn’t the only challenge with their feedback collection process: the OSI team also struggled to capture actionable responses. While staff members consistently received high marks from patients, Hahn knew there were opportunities for improvement—but the survey wasn’t collecting the feedback necessary to identify them. And ensuring a positive patient experience is incredibly important to the OSI team.

So, in addition to seeking out a better EMR system, they set out to find a scalable solution that would help them better capture patient feedback—and make meaningful changes to their processes.


When the OSI crew had finally had enough of their previous EMR, they ditched it—and switched to WebPT, in large part because of its reputation: Hahn heard great things about WebPT’s solution from other providers. Additionally, the team was pleased by the fact that WebPT “continually enhances the EMR and scheduling system.” It was this type of innovative track record that sealed the deal for OSI. “The more I researched WebPT, the more I liked what I was seeing,” Hahn said. She trusted that WebPT would be able to adjust and grow with her organization—specifically, by adapting to fast-paced advancements in technology. And that was something she didn’t trust a newer EMR company—one without WebPT’s stellar history—to do.

Hahn knew that switching EMRs could be scary and stressful: “You never quite know what is going to happen,” she said. Fortunately, though, “the transition to WebPT was seamless and smooth.” Furthermore, the WebPT team “was friendly to work with and responsive to our needs. They guided us through [the process], which I’m thankful for.”

WebPT has been a great tool to use to help our organization stay afloat—despite increasing compliance requirements. Regulations and rules are changing fast, and WebPT helps us stay on top of them. WebPT also has excellent customer service and amazing responsiveness. Their reps do an amazing job of meeting our needs. We truly see each other’s organization as a partner.

Hahn is also thankful that WebPT integrates with her practice's existing billing system: “WebPT works hard to make sure we get what we need for the integration...The WebPT team is supportive and works to do what they can to help me and my team.”

WebPT also offered the OSI team a powerful patient relationship management (PRM) solution: WebPT Reach. And Hahn was impressed by how smoothly the implementation and integration process went: “The integration is seamless,” she said. “All our team has to do is push a button saying we have a new client, and all the new paperwork gets sent to them. And all the data from WebPT goes right into Reach.” In addition to sending new patient emails, the OSI team also uses WebPT Reach to automate patient satisfaction surveys and re-engagement emails. “It’s been very efficient,” Hahn said.

Hahn shopped around before choosing WebPT; that's how she knows she made the right choice for her growing organization, explaining that WebPT's offerings and pricing are "worth the peace-of-mind of using a great tool and working with a company like WebPT.” Additionally, she said, “When I make business decisions, I look for a partner; I’m not looking for just a service or a vendor.” And it was clear to Hahn that “WebPT cared about our organization and wanted to be at the table helping us be successful.”

That relationship, she said, has been integral to OSI’s success with WebPT and and its PRM software. “WebPT is truly a partner to OSI,” she said. “I can pick up the phone and talk with [the team] anytime—and they listen. They seek to understand our needs and work to make it happen...WebPT has truly worked hard for our organization.” Furthermore, Hahn found that WebPT’s “customer service and responsiveness beat anyone else in the market.”


According to Hahn, the WebPT workflow helps streamline the OSI team’s documentation, allowing therapists to complete daily notes quickly in comparison to industry standards. This is incredibly important for a fast-growing, multi-clinic organization: “WebPT has helped keep our therapists efficient—even with busy caseloads,” she said. The system also enables the OSI team to easily transfer patients—as well as all of their information—from one clinic location to another, enabling them to “practice as one location.” Hahn also likes the SOAP note setup, and the team loves the “slick” scheduling functionality and the ease of attaching documents to an account or case.

In their eyes, however, the biggest benefit of having WebPT is that it makes it easy to comply with compliance requirements—like those associated with physician quality reporting system (PQRS), ICD-10, and functional limitation reporting (FLR). In fact, WebPT has “taken the pain out of ICD-10” for the OSI team, Hahn said.

Beyond WebPT’s stellar compliance tools, Hahn appreciates the comprehensive compliance education WebPT provides, thanks in part to its partnership with leading industry compliance experts. And speaking of education, the OSI team also benefits from the WebPT University and other application training materials.

On the marketing front, Hahn has been blown away by the positive impact WebPT Reach has made on OSI’s patient loyalty levels and online presence. “We use the platform for Google and Facebook [reviews],” she said. “Facebook is actually our number-one driver for marketing [and new patient growth], and our scores are growing on both sites.” Hahn also loves how WebPT Reach's automated satisfaction surveys help reinforce the practice’s reputation in the communities where OSI has clinics. “We have steep competition in our market, and Google’s algorithm determines who shows up first. It’s nice to see our practices in first [place] with hundreds of reviews, while our competitors have one or two.”

In terms of improving patient loyalty, WebPT Reach has helped the OSI team better categorize and address patient feedback in a productive way via Net Promoter Score® (NPS®) tracking. “I never thought one question could provide so much detail,” she said. With WebPT Reach, OSI has been able to:

  • collect valuable feedback;
  • provide timely responses to patients; and
  • prioritize issues and areas in need of improvement.

And improve they have: The OSI team has increased their NPS score from 80 to almost 90 in just two years. Additionally—with the help of WebPT Reach—OSI was able to reduce patient dropouts by 10%, improve revenue potential by 6%, and increase visits per case by 1.11 visits.

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