Partner with a Vendor Committed to OT

Don’t let the name fool you. WebPT isn’t solely for physical therapists. Rather, it’s for the entire rehab therapy community, and we’ve custom-tailored our software—that’s documentation, scheduling, outcomes tracking, and billing—to suit the practice and workflow of occupational therapists.

Use Specialty-Specific Tools

WebPT contains a separate user profile for occupational therapists. As soon as you select an OT user type, WebPT automatically loads all of our OT-specific items into your clinic’s account.

In addition to OT billing codes and Medicare therapy threshold-tracking, WebPT features tons of OT-related tests and tools, including:

  • Activities of Daily Living (ADL) profile
  • Disabilities of Arm, Shoulder, and Hand (DASH) test
  • Upper extremity functional test
  • Shoulder pain and disability index
  • Hand and joint tests
  • Detailed wrist/hand profile
  • Ability to document and bill for custom orthoses, casts, and splints

WebPT is a wonderful tool for practitioners to increase efficiency with documentation… I don’t know what I would do without it.

Laura Burger OTR, CHT
Therapist, Maui Hand Therapy

Represent Your Practice

Every document you create in our system will have an occupational therapy label—and your clinic’s name and logo—right at the top of the page, so the source and content of your emailed and faxed documents are immediately clear to referring physicians and other recipients. And you can send those documents directly from the WebPT system.

Represent Your Profession

Not only does our rehab-focused platform offer the best software for practicing therapists; it also offers the best in education and support. WebPT comes with the expertise of real-life rehab therapists—and we infuse that knowledge into every aspect of our free training, support, and educational content. This ensures our Members are not only expert WebPT users, but also expert clinicians and thought leaders in their fields.