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Jonathan Di Lauri opened up the JointCare Physical Therapy & Fitness Center in 2004. Since opening the practice by himself in a 1500 square foot facility, JointCare has since grown to four therapists in a 6000 square foot facility with six employees, a 2500 square foot Medically Oriented Gym (M.O.G.) and over 80 members. The center now provides, in addition to physical therapy, Pilates, an exercise video, and a partnership with a Continuing Education Company.

As is common with growing practices, the center experienced the difficult task of managing costs, supplies, documentation, marketing, and all the things that need to be done by an owner to keep the practice functioning and growing. Jonathan began having issues managing medical records, and was overwhelmed by the cost of supplies, scheduling, and the ability to make sure therapists we correctly billing and charting.


In 2009, Jonathan began to look for a comprehensive solution to manage and deal with these issues. After completing an exhaustive search, meeting with vendors, and doing an in-depth analysis of the EMR market, it was clear, WebPT was miles ahead of the others.

Teaming up with WebPT is probably one of the single most important decisions I made for my practice. It has not only stabilized a lot of the functionality of my business, but I estimate it’s saved me over $100,000 a year!


Jonathan was surprised to see that while WebPT had more of what he needed features-wise, the cost for WebPT was lower than competitors. Other EMR vendors required additional costs for licenses, installation, and set-up. He was also turned off by the idea of having to buy and maintain a server, which would have to be located on site. This would have been an extra IT hassle, not to mention a potential safety issue for patient records, that Jonathan was not inclined to deal with.

WebPT handled everything for just a small set-up fee, which was very inexpensive. They trained my entire staff and all I have to do is pay a nominal monthly fee for each staff member and two modules. The entire cost per year for my office, which is about $4,500, is less than the one-time fees some other EMR companies were going to charge me just to get started.

Additionally, JointCare now saves thousands a year on charts, supplies, storage and shredding. WebPT also allowed JointCare’s administrative staff to manage the practice more efficiently with fewer resources. In total, JointCare has saved around $35,000 a year on administrative processes. With those savings, Jonathan was able to invest in better laptops for the PT staff, for more efficient mobile documentation, as well as improve other hardware around the center.

Due to the fact that WebPT is cloud-based, JointCare has been able to enjoy many new luxuries as a business. First, their PTs can now document patient notes from anywhere, at any time, which allows them to spend significantly less time chained to a desk after their sessions.

The mobility of WebPT has come in handy when a therapist is not at work, yet something needs to be completed for billing or insurance authorizations. My therapists can now handle this immediately, wherever they are.

One of the best features that’s really made a difference in Jonathan’s practice is the ability to use WebPT to audit charts and oversee billing by running a single report. This allows customers to monitor production without pulling charts or leafing through paperwork. The center uses a "Percentage of kept appointments" as a measurement to maximize production. With the new patient reminder feature of WebPT, JointCare has increased its weekly number of visits. Their average reimbursement for a patient visit is $70, and JointCare schedules 200 visits per week. Previously they would lose an average of 10 visits a week, $700, due to scheduling issues. The scheduling reminder feature in WebPT has enabled JointCare to reduce the number of missed visits to 5 per week. This has meant the clinic recoups $36,400 a year in recaptured revenue.

There are so many other functions about WebPT that make it attractive to clinics and helped Jonathan vastly improve his business.

It is designed for PTs only, making it work for our workflow. Writing notes is quick and easy. Progress notes, Daily notes and Discharge summaries all carry forward so no more tediously rewriting patient information and previous findings. Also for authorization based insurance plans, we simply fill out the authorization sheet, scan it and digitally fax it out. Awesome!

JointCare has been able to create systems that streamline the front and back office staff communication for electronically documenting (E-Doc) home exercise programs, transmitting clinical documentation to referring doctors, and managing patient insurance authorizations. Administratively, the entire office is now run by JointCare’s office manager from one computer, and can be accesses from her home or anywhere she might be with a safe Internet connection. This has been especially helpful on snow days, which would normally halt productivity due to people not being able to get to the office. JointCare’s administrative team is also able to use WebPT to track and confirm faxes sent to insurance companies, which has proven valuable when they are told faxes are not received. This alone has recaptured potentially lost revenue.

One of the best aspects of using WebPT is not having to pay for, or for that matter, even worry about software updates. WebPT consistently introduces monthly updates with new features and fixes. I am also confident in the fact that WebPT has put in systems in place that keep my patient information backed-up, safe, and HIPAA compliant. These are things I just don't need to concern myself with anymore, and I can concentrate on growing my business.
In the face of the unstable climate of insurance reimbursement, healthcare reform, and the ever-changing national financial struggles that effect us as business owners, WebPT has helped secure the survival and even growth of my physical therapy practice! I can't thank you enough!

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