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  • articleMar 5, 2012 | 3 min. read

    How Christine Wood, PT, DPT Started Her Clinic Part II

    Today we're posting Part II of our interview with WebPT member,  Christine Wood, PT, DPT  of Waynesboro, VA. If you'd like to start with Part I, you can check it out here . Thanks Christine!   Tell us about the ugly side of starting a clinic and what you’ve learned. Everything to do with marketing has been ugly. It’s mind-boggling how people don’t understand the things that they themselves are supposed to be the experts in. One …

  • articleMar 1, 2012 | 3 min. read

    How Christine Wood, PT, DPT Started Her Clinic Part I

    Today we kick off a month-long series for physical therapists about how to start a clinic. We know that many therapists either dream of starting their own practice or want to become even better business owners. Over the next month, we'll share with you interviews, tips, and tricks about being a therapist entrepreneur. Today we're excited to share Part I of our interview with WebPT member, Christine Wood, PT, DPT of Waynesboro, VA. Thanks to Christine for …

  • articleFeb 29, 2012 | 3 min. read

    Top 4 Insights from CSM 2012 from a new Physical Therapy Grad

    Today's post is contributed by Ryan Balmes DPT. Ryan Balmes graduated in May 2011, currently working as an orthopedic resident at LSU-Shreveport.  You can follow him on Twitter @RyanBalmesPT and read his blog at . The first Combined Sections Meeting I attended was during my last year in PT school at New Orleans in 2011.  Now as a recent graduate and new professional at CSM 2012, I felt a sense of accomplishment to be considered a …

  • articleFeb 24, 2012 | 6 min. read

    Physical Therapy Billing: Mastering the A/R cycle

    This post was authored by WebPT Billing Specialist, Geoff Elledge. The photo of Geoff we used for this post was just too good to pass up. Enjoy! The number one key to mastering your A/R is a good tickler system.   Long term success is all about timely and consistent follow up of your outstanding claims.  In order to get a good handle on this mastering a few key elements will go a long way. The first …

  • articleFeb 23, 2012 | 4 min. read

    Patient Registration: 10 Questions for Successful A/R

      The A/R cycle starts and ends with a solid patient registration process.  It is probably the most under-appreciated aspect of the billing process, yet one of the most important!  Most new practices think it’s good enough to get a copy of the card and then submit a claim.  After all, it’s the insurance company’s job to pay for your services, right? Not so fast, just a few standard practices can dramatically increase your chances of payment …

  • articleFeb 22, 2012 | 3 min. read

    Top 3 Things PT’s Need To Know About Insurance

    Today's post is contributed by Greg Babiec , Physical Therapist, and Owner Evolve Physical Therapy & Sports Rehabilitation  in New York. Greg is also a member of WebPT. You can follow him on Twitter at @DrBadBack . Thanks, Greg, for contributing your insights and expertise today! As a PT, understanding how health insurance works can sometimes be an unpleasant yet important part of the profession.  Of course, treating patients is our primary role but since we spend so …

  • articleFeb 20, 2012 | 3 min. read

    What you need to know before taking your billing In House

    Many clinic owners don’t pay quite enough attention to how billing tactics can effect their business overall. It’s one of those scenarios where the phrase “You don’t know what you don’t know” seems appropriate. Let’s take a close look at one billing method that can improve the health of your practice and give you the most visibility and control over billing practices.    In house billing is all about control. Deciding to go with an in house …

  • articleFeb 17, 2012 | 3 min. read

    Considerations Before You Outsource Your Billing

    As a physical therapist, what does it mean to outsource your billing ? Is it worth it to have another company handle your claims? It’s a big change, so what does the on-boarding process look like? These are all excellent questions for you to consider. Even if you think you’re satisfied with your current billing circumstance, it may be worth re-evaluating. It’s always smart to periodically invest some time in auditing your processes and business vendors/partners. You …

  • My Top 5 Physical Therapy Resources in Social Media Image

    articleFeb 15, 2012 | 3 min. read

    My Top 5 Physical Therapy Resources in Social Media

    Today we're excited to share  Ann Wendel 's social media resources for physical therapists. Ann is the owner of  PranaPT  and active on social media. Thanks to Ann for being a resource!   WebPT has asked me to share my personal top 5 physical therapy resources in social media. This is by no means an extensive list; it is simply a list of the folks I check in with on a daily basis to share research, hash out …

  • articleFeb 13, 2012 | 2 min. read

    Discover Ideas In Action - February 2012

    Today's blog post was contributed by Alex Zarazua , a stellar member of the WebPT Support team. Thanks Alex! Earlier this morning thousands of WebPT members were greeted with a number enhanced features and a new color scheme as we improved our system this weekend. Approximately 25 members suggested improvements to our application which we developed and implemented in our latest release!   We are so thankful for our contributing members that help improve the system via …


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