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How Can the iPad Help PTs?

As we start a new year and a new decade, many of us want to start fresh with something that can improve our lives. 2011 has the potential for some game changing technological innovations in healthcare.

In April 2010, Apple released the iPad, which has taken the world by storm. More importantly it has given healthcare professionals mobility, easy access to web-based EMR, real time data access and a more interactive method of patient education. It is not the answer for everything, but it is a great tool that is less intimidating to patients than a laptop or computer.

PTs have embraced the iPad with enthusiasm. One of the most common questions that we get at WebPT is “Can I complete my documentation on the iPad?” Approximately 20% of WebPT users have iPads in their clinics as the point of service tool of choice. There are different opinions on how much the iPad can really impact healthcare, but the iPad and other tablet computers are already becoming very practical and useful.

Here are the three main benefits of the iPad for for therapy clinical care:

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Using the iPad in the PT Clinic – What You Need to Know

WebPT EMR on iPadBy now you have heard all of the buzz surrounding the Apple iPad, which is already one of the most revolutionary tech products to hit the healthcare industry.  Over 20% of US physicians planned to buy the iPad before it was released. Pundits are now calling 2011, “The Year of the Tablet.”

Many WebPT members use an iPad for their documentation and more PTs have surely received or bought one for Christmas. After you sift through all the indiscriminant praise and the coffee-table novelty of this product, you are probably hit with an all too real question: How do I actually implement this product into my professional life? There is a current statistic that 30-50% of EMR implementations fail due to poor planning and potential technophobia.

If you are ready with iPad in hand, there are some key things you need to know regarding implementation using an EMR in your PT clinic. There are simply a few things that a PT, OT, or any healthcare provider should know before running out and spending the $500 on a new iPad.

1. Does your EMR work on the iPad?
Most EMR software is older, Windows-based software that will not work on the iPad at all. If you are using a modern, web-based EMR software like WebPT, you can use your iPad to run your EMR software wherever you have an Internet connection.  WebPT works on the iPad without any tricks or additional software. If your current EMR claims to be compatible with smartphones and tablet computers, make sure you actually test it before diving in.

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