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Founder Letter: PQRS 2014

Well, it’s November already, and that means two things: Thanksgiving and Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS). Sure, PQRS doesn’t involve mouthwatering roasted turkey, savory stuffing, or creamy mashed potatoes, but it has become quite the November tradition for us here at WebPT. You see, this is the time of year that the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) typically confirms the details of next year’s reporting requirements, thus allowing us to update our PQRS solution (claims- and registry-based reporting) and start our month-long blog and webinar theme of “everything you need to know to be PQRS compliant.”

Unfortunately, this year is shaping up a little differently. As a result of the government shutdown, CMS delayed its November 1 meeting to discuss the 2014 Physician Fee Schedule Proposed Rule—which includes potential PQRS changes—until at least the middle of this month. And until they meet, we won’t know much about what PQRS 2014 will truly entail in terms of reporting requirements, measures, penalties, and incentives—let alone when the government will actually finalize the Proposed Rule. This means that as of today, no one knows for sure:

  • which measures therapists must report
  • how many measures therapists must report
  • whether there will be compliance incentives
  • what penalties will be associated with noncompliance
  • what percentage of patients for whom therapists must complete PQRS reporting

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PQRS: The Case for Registry over Claims Based Reporting

Here at WebPT HQ, we are gearing up for PQRS 2012. One of the pieces of PQRS that is most commonly misunderstood is the difference between claims and registry based services. Let’s take a minute and clear this up. Claims and registry-based reporting both result in the same outcome for your clinic– successful participation in PQRS. WebPT offers both options with claims-based being priced $99 per calendar year and registry-based at $299 for the calendar year. Many people look at the price and automatically assume claims is the way to go. Not so fast. There are some major cost and workflow considerations when taking on the claims-based beast.

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