The launch of WebPT Outcomes is officially complete—which means every single WebPT clinic now has the ability to collect and track patient outcomes data directly within the EMR. And as you may have heard from our president and founder, Dr. Heidi Jannenga, that’s kind of a big deal. But, as Uncle Ben (Peter Parker’s uncle—not the rice guy) once said, “With great power comes great responsibility.”

We’d be doing our Members—and the entire healthcare community at large—a huge disservice if we didn’t provide a little guidance on how to use this power responsibly. So, we polled our Members and compiled a wealth of resources based on their questions about outcomes. We’ve even separated it all by role, because we have a “thing” for organization. (It also should make for easier reading and sharing.)

For Everyone

If you’re just looking for the nitty-gritty technical details—like recommended clinic settings or a deep dive into each report—we have a resource for that. (Note: Both of those links require you to log in to WebPT.) Actually, we have more than one resource: We created a comprehensive list of FAQs as well as an introductory webinar.

For Managers and Admins

Having trouble getting your staff on board with outcomes data collection? Lucky for you, we’ve got a number of resources to help you foster clinic-wide buy-in:

Need help getting the outcomes ball rolling—and keeping it in motion? Here’s a little guidance on how to add quality data collection into your current workflow and some examples of real-life clinics using outcomes data.

And for those clinics that are already amassing data, we’ve put together some tips on which reports to use for therapists’ performance reviews as well as how to use outcomes data when marketing to physicians or negotiating with payers.

Download your OMT Reference Guide

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For Therapists

We respect a healthy dose of nonconformity, but if you’re a therapist who’s still on the fence about outcomes, keep in mind that outcomes data packs a powerful punch when it comes to improving patient care and driving large-scale change across the healthcare industry.

Seeing as how a bad Yelp review is every restaurant’s worst nightmare, it’s understandable that some therapists are nervous about opening the door to negative feedback from patients. We totally get that, so we compiled a few tips on how to deal with negative reviews. And because we’re such big fans of involving patients in their own treatment, we created this guide to ensure patients know how to accurately and honestly complete their outcome surveys.

If you’re a therapist who’s already part the outcomes movement, we can help answer logistical questions like how often to survey patients and how to enter OMT scores.

Still Scratching Your Noggin?

There you go: All your outcomes brain-burners, answered. Think we missed something? Simply leave a comment below to let me know about the questions still rolling around in your head.

Oh, and because a few people wanted to know what’s next for WebPT Outcomes, we even have a post about that.