In a dark world filled with endless paperwork and thousands of billing codes, rehab therapy clinics need a hero. Many medical professionals would say their office hero is the paper superbill. It’s fast, convenient, and easy to use. But hold on to your spandex tights, because ICD-10 is coming—and it might just be the paper superbill’s kryptonite. Here’s why the ICD-10 paper superbill just doesn’t work:

It’s longer.

ICD-9 has around 13,000 codes, so your paper superbill was probably pretty short. But ICD-10 is a much more specific code set, so it has about five times as many codes. That means your one- or two-page superbill will become much longer. In fact, it could balloon to nine or ten pages—or even longer (we’re going to need a bigger cape). Not so handy, right?

It’s unproductive.

Using such a long paper superbill would defeat the purpose of having a superbill to begin with, because you’d have to still have to sift through such a large menu of options. But don’t even think about cutting the superbill down to your previous petite superbill size. You’ll risk cutting out codes that apply to a large portion of your patients, which means you’ll have to write in those missing codes when you need them—which also defeats the purpose of the paper superbill. Foiled again!

It’s paper.

While we know that paper is going the way of the radio star after video came around, the paper superbill has managed to stay relevant. However, experts predict that’s all about to change. The convenient simplicity of the paper superbill is going to disappear—as is paper documentation—so it’s not a stretch to say that the paper superbill itself will suffer the same fate. Metropolis just isn’t big enough for both paper and digital documentation.

Ultimately, ICD-10’s increased complexity will cause the paper superbill to become less Superman and more super-sized. So, instead of trying to fit a square peg into a round hole, switch to an EMR that makes the whole issue moot. Rehab therapists go head-to-head with dastardly payment decreases and regulatory changes every day. Make sure your EMR sidekick is ready to fight with you. Looking for an EMR that can save the day? Let us show you the way.