Why WebPT for Pediatric OT, PT, and SLPWe believe in empowering the entire rehab community to achieve greatness in therapy practice. That’s why we created WebPT, an intuitive, web-based EMR solution exclusively for rehab therapists that offers comprehensive documentation, scheduling, practice management, and billing services.

 Don’t let the name fool you. WebPT isn’t solely for physical therapists. Rather, it’s for the entire rehab therapy community, and we’ve custom tailored our EMR solution to suit the practice of pediatric therapists, including OTs and SLPsIn fact, pediatric therapists helped create the WebPT Pediatric Module, which automatically loads based on the patient’s age, providing peds therapists the ability to complete specific patient tests for their smallest patients.


 Here are just some of the pediatric-specific tests you’ll find within WebPT:

  • Ballistic Test
  • Pelvic Mobility
  • Feeding and Oral Motor Skills
  • Scoliosis Test
  • Adaptive Equipment
  • Tonal Abnormalities Test
  • Cerebral Palsy Assessment
  • Gross Motor Development
  • Torticollis
  • Sensory Assessment
  • Cheng Development
  • PEDI
  • PDMS-2
  • TIMP
  • Plagiocephaly Severity Assessment

In addition to these tests, therapists will have access to pediatric-specific billing codes, and because WebPT is entirely web-based, therapists who prefer to work in the patient’s home can access WebPT anywhere, anytime from any Internet-enabled mobile device.

With the WebPT Pediatric Module, peds therapists no longer need to labor through cumbersome documentation workarounds. Instead, you have an EMR solution truly meant for you and your practice, and that’s time saved. More importantly, that’s peace of mind, so you can get back to what truly matters—your patients. Check out the video below to see our Pediatric Module in action. Additionally, read this case study from Deborah Stack, PT, DPT, PCS, of the Pediatric Therapy Center.