We believe in empowering the entire rehab community to achieve greatness in therapy practice. That’s why we created WebPT, an intuitive, web-based EMR solution exclusively for rehab therapists that offers comprehensive documentation, scheduling, practice management, and billing services.

Don’t let the name fool you; WebPT isn’t solely for physical therapists. Rather, it’s for the entire rehab therapy community, and we’ve custom tailored our EMR solution to suit the practice of occupational therapy. Here’s how:

OT-Specific Documentation

WebPT contains a whole separate user profile for occupational therapists. As soon as you select an OT user type, WebPT automatically loads all of our OT-specific items into your clinic’s account.

In addition to OT billing codes and Medicare therapy cap-tracking, WebPT features tons of OT-related tests and tools—like our Activities of Daily Living (ADL) profile; our Disabilities of Arm, Shoulder, and Hand (DASH) test; our upper extremity functional test; our shoulder pain and disability index; plus a host of special tests geared toward hands and joints. And speaking of hands—OTs specializing in hand therapy (like Laura Berger of Maui Hand Therapy) absolutely love our detailed wrist/hand profile. They also love being able to document and bill for custom orthoses, casts, and splints right in WebPT.    

Plus, every document you create in our system will have an occupational therapy label—and your clinic’s name and logo—right at the top of the page, so the source and content of your emailed and faxed documents is immediately clear to referring physicians and other recipients. And you can send out those documents directly from the WebPT system. Cool, huh?

Compliance for All

Of course, an area of great concern for any rehab therapist is—dun, dun, dun—compliance. If it seems like CMS is spitting out new regulations—like PQRS and functional limitation reporting—left and right, it’s because they are. And because all of those rules apply to you, too, you’ll be thrilled to know that WebPT has your back in the compliance department. Our built-in alerts and reminders make it nearly impossible for you not to stay compliant. And with that weight off your shoulders, you can get back to what really matters—your patients.

We Go Where You Go

The need for occupational therapists is on the rise, but many facilities don’t keep a full-time OT onsite, opting instead for travel OTs—therapists who move from location to location and provide services on a temporary basis. Other occupational therapists build their careers around in-home therapy—helping people adapt to everyday living within their home environment. These mobile therapists often do not have a conventional office space, and that makes keeping track of patient records—especially paper files—extremely difficult.

As a cloud-based application, WebPT is perfect for therapists on the move. You can access your WebPT dashboard from virtually any web-enabled device for instant access to patient charts, flow sheets, and contact information. Plus, you can send home exercise plans and other materials directly from our system to your patients. And at the end of the day, isn’t quality patient care what it’s all about?


So, are there any OTs out there who currently use WebPT? What do you like best about our system? How does it help you achieve greatness in occupational therapy?