Physical Therapist and Orthopedic Surgeon Create Pitching App

Dr. James Andrews, an orthopedic surgeon, and Dr. Kevin Wilk, his longtime physical therapist colleague, recently created an app called Throw Like a Pro, which they specifically designed to prevent overuse injury in baseball players. This app not only offers tips and exercises for pitchers, but also calculates the amount of rest time they should have based on their age. Read more about this new app and how it will hopefully reduce the number of overuse injuries and resulting surgeries here.

UnitedHealthcare Announces FLR Requirements

Starting August 1, UnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage plans will require functional limitation reporting. That’s right; get your G-codes and modifiers ready because you will now be required to use them whenever you treat a UnitedHealthcare patient. For more details, read the full announcement here.

GAO Report on Self-Referral in Physical Therapy Released

The US General Accountability Office (GAO) recently released its report on self-referral in physical therapy. While the report states that further studies must take place before any recommendations can be made, the APTA has issued a formal statement asking for more research and reasserting its support for eliminating self-referrals. You can read the report here and the APTA’s response here.

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