Occupational Therapist Ranked as One of the Best Jobs of 2014

According to a new report, occupational therapy ranks ninth in a list of the Best Jobs of 2014. Jobs were scored based on work environment, stress, and hiring outlook. To see the full list, click here.

Occupational Therapist Helps Stroke Survivor with Motherhood

Thanks to her occupational therapist, stroke survivor Sarah Abrusley is now able to do something every new mom cherishes: hold her baby. Prior to giving birth, Abrusley participated in several occupational therapy sessions—a sort of “Baby 101”—where she practiced changing diapers, warming bottles, and carrying dolls. Read more about Abrusley’s inspirational story here.

Veteran Organizes House and Life Thanks to Occupational Therapist

A veteran, who was in danger of losing his house due to extreme clutter, is now living a happier, more organized life after occupational therapy. Sarah Scalia, one of the first occupational therapists in the VA’s homeless program, was able to teach this veteran the life skills that enabled him to combat clutter and more importantly, his depression. Find out more about how occupational therapy changed this veteran’s life here.

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