Tina Kaminski

She’s a former middle-school spelling bee champ, a decorated high school swimmer, and a blue-ribbon show dog handler. But of all of Tina Kaminski-Market’s outstanding achievements, perhaps the one that stands out the most is her personal repertoire of 17 broken bones. “I’m just really accident-prone,” she said. “My peripheral vision is so bad. I’ll walk into doors that have been there for years and yell at them.”

Still, Tina’s clutzy tendencies haven’t kept her from chasing adventure. That’s because she’s a firm believer in the “try, try again” philosophy: if at first you break your arm doing stunts for the high school cheer team, try, try again—until you break your arm a second time, and then a third. (That’s three broken arms in four years for those of you keeping count.) Other notable incidents include falling on roller skates, slipping on algae in a creek, and tripping over a dog gate. “That one hurt really bad,” she said. “I broke my rib, and I was stuck in such a position that I couldn’t get off [of the gate] by myself.”

The most shocking part of it all: even as she recounts all of the pain and trauma, Tina can’t help but smile and laugh. It’s simply not in her nature to be negative, and that quality has served her well throughout her life—including all the parts spent in slings, splints, and casts. Of course, Tina was tough from the moment she was born: “I was so sick at birth [that] the doctors had my parents call the priest to baptize me and give me last rights,” she said. “They were told to prepare for a funeral, not a nursery. I was brought home on Christmas Eve—tiny, but a fighter.”

In fact, it was her fiery spirit that prompted her to hop on a Greyhound Bus to Chicago at age 18, never to return to her hometown of Erie, Pennsylvania. “I was supposed to go to Penn State, but I went to Chicago to visit family, and I just decided to stay.”

For the next 14 years, Tina worked in customer service and administration, ultimately making her way to the technology sector. But winters in the Windy City wore on her, and when she took a vacation to Phoenix to escape the snow for a few days, she ended up buying a house. It was a spot decision that might sound a bit impulsive to some, but Tina somehow knew everything would work out.

She landed a gig as an executive assistant and spent the next few years working with the president and VPs of a large corporation. While it was great work experience, Tina wasn’t a huge fan of the corporate environment—so she eventually transitioned over to the warehouse/operations side of the business. And that was where she really shined—so much so that she found numerous ways to automate her and her staff’s job functions. “We basically process-improved ourselves out of jobs,” she said.

Always one to see the glass half-full, Tina used that career hiccup as a launching point to find a company that truly aligned with her personality, values, and work style. And when a job listing for WebPT popped up on Indeed one day, she knew she had done just that. She originally joined the WebPT team as an assistant to the COO and CEO; however, when she took the reins on managing the move from the company’s previous building to its current office, both executives realized that Tina needed to pursue facilities management full-time.

Now, as WebPT’s Facility Manager, Tina oversees all of the day-to-day responsibilities associated with keeping WebPT headquarters up and running—including safety and security operations, building maintenance and sanitation, and equipment distribution and relocation. “In any job, you have customers, and for me, the biggest customers are our employees,” she said.

Her biggest challenge: “Trying to make 250 people happy to come to work.” At WebPT, that means going above and beyond keeping the bathrooms and breakrooms safe and clean; it means constantly striving to adhere to WebPT’s core values in everything she does. And like any manager, Tina puts out her fair share of fires—though she might be one of the only WebPT employees who has actually used a fire extinguisher (but that’s another story for another blog post).

Perhaps one of her dirtiest—and most frequently performed—jobs: fishing lost driver’s licenses and debit cards out of the toilets. “When I go to return a license to its owner, they’ll usually say, ‘Oh, did you find my debit card, too?’ And when I return a debit card, they’ll say, ‘Oh, did you find my license, too?’ I can’t believe how often it happens,” she said. At this point, there’s really no task too gross to faze Tina, but some of her favorite days are the ones when she trades her plunger for a spatula to serve up grilled hot dogs and burgers at WebPT’s beloved company barbecues. “Our team here is so well trained on how to execute those events that if I turned it over completely, they could run with it,” she said. “Our barbecues are a well-oiled machine.”

Now, with the year winding down, Tina and the rest of the facilities team are gearing up for a very busy 2016—including the big move to WebPT’s new home, located in a historic-warehouse-turned-tech-campus. First, though, Tina plans to take some much-deserved time off to celebrate the holidays—Polish-style—with her family, which includes her two daughters, two grandchildren (who call her Grandma Pink, after her favorite color), several stepchildren, and her husband, Sean.

But don’t expect her to relax too much—after all, whether she’s in a cast or not, Tina’s not one to idle. “I love being busy and having thousands of tasks,” she said. “I’d rather have too much to do than not enough, and that’s one part of this job I’d never want to give up.”

Fave Five with Tina

  1. Favorite food: Meatloaf
  2. Favorite movie: Grease
  3. Favorite sports team: Pittsburgh Steelers
  4. Favorite band: U2
  5. Favorite place: Anywhere with a beach