Stacey Kulm

She’s a former college town bartender, an expert golfer, and a baker of 65-pound wedding cakes—at least one, anyway. But despite her many accomplishments—including shooting back-to-back 78s in her local golf club championships at the ripe old age of 19—Stacey Kulm knows there’s always more to achieve.

Stacey’s innate drive to set and exceed goals in all aspects of her life, coupled with her natural knack for problem-solving, makes her an incredible asset to WebPT’s Support team. As a Member Advocate Team Lead, Stacey’s in charge of rallying WebPT’s rockstar customer service squad to provide the best possible experience for each and every one of our Members. And if anyone knows how to be a rockin’ customer service rep, it’s Stacey. After all, that was her first role at WebPT when she joined the company about a year and a half ago. “I just tried to learn as much as I could, as fast as I could,” she said. “I sat back-to-back with Robbie [Walsh], and he had the highest [number of] tickets resolved, so I battled it out every day to beat him in tickets.”

Her competitive drive paid off; within six months, she received a promotion to one of the newly created Member Advocate Team Lead positions. While serving in a leadership role has been challenging, Stacey enjoys flexing her creative muscle to come up with new ways to inspire her team. “The biggest difference [in taking on the team lead position] is that I’m not just in charge of motivating myself; I’m in charge of motivating my whole team,” she said. “But it’s a lot of fun.”

On that front, one of the first things she did was create a Raving Fan board to highlight positive customer feedback in a way that’s visible to the entire company. “The best part of my day is reading those emails [with customer feedback],” she said. “And now I get to share them with everyone.”

The team-oriented atmosphere Stacey has helped cultivate harkens back to her days as a standout athlete back in her native state of Idaho. Her high school golf team made it to the state championship tournament all four years, and after graduation, she attended Treasure Valley Community College on a golf scholarship. It was around that time that she recorded that crazy-impressive golf score, which stands as her personal record to this day. “I don’t get out on the golf course as much as I’d like now,” she said. “None of my friends golf. I think I just need to branch out and go out on my own.”

After putting in two years at Treasure Valley, Stacey transferred to the University of Idaho, where she switched up her extracurricular activities a bit: instead of taking shots on the golf course, she started pouring them at the bar. “It was a lot of fun,” she said. Of course, bartending did have its drawbacks: “I remember it was Homecoming week at UI, so there were tons of alumni coming into the bar, and there was this one guy who’d spent a couple hundred dollars. All of a sudden, he turned and faced me and threw up directly into my well of ice,” she said.

And while her job at WebPT isn’t that messy, she does find herself in the occasional sticky situation. After all, no software system is perfect, and when WebPT users run into trouble, it’s on Stacey and the rest of the Support crew to make sure they’re back up and running as soon as possible. “It’s really just about being empathetic with the Members and realizing that you are truly there to advocate for them and make sure that whatever issues they’re experiencing get fixed,” she said. “And when you’re straightforward with them and actually follow up with them, it’s possible to create Raving Fans from bad situations.”

Eventually, Stacey hopes to apply her flair for people-pleasing to running her own baking business. Because in addition to her skills on the links, Stacey has mad talent in the kitchen. “I love making wedding cakes,” she said. “I’ve made six so far for friends. The last one I made was for a Basque wedding where there were over 500 people. It was over 65 pounds and took me five days to make because I only had one oven.”

While she credits her grandma for teaching her the tricks of the baking trade, it’s her dad who has taught her that she can achieve anything she puts her mind to. “My dad has always gone for the biggest goals in his life,” she said, noting that, despite growing up in a poor farming family, he put himself through school twice—once to become a pharmacist, and later, after discovering he didn’t like that profession, to become a dentist.

Until she opens the doors at Kulm’s Kakes, though, Stacey is on a mission to travel as much as possible. She has eight trips on the docket for this year—some of which she’s already taken—and her big goal is to take an international trip before fall 2016. “I would like to go to Germany,” she said. But it’s not just Deutschland’s famous beer gardens calling her name; it’s people who actually share her name. In fact, she has several German relatives who would eagerly host her for a visit across the pond. “The whole Kulm family is really into ancestry,” she said. “They even have their own family website.”

In the meantime, Stacey will continue to kick butt in the Support department, ensuring that every WebPT Member has the best experience possible. “It’s cool to build those relationships with our Members,” she said. “PTs are awesome people.”

Fave Five with Stacey

  1. Favorite food: Popcorn
  2. Favorite movie: Pretty Woman
  3. Favorite sports team: Green Bay Packers
  4. Favorite musical artist: Ed Sheeran
  5. Favorite place: Sun Valley, Idaho
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