William Shakespeare once wrote that something is rotten in Denmark. Well, no disrespect to the Bard, but Kylie McKee—WebPT EMR Support Team Captain and blossoming creative writer—begs to differ. In fact, Kylie was so fascinated by Danish culture when she visited Copenhagen this past summer that she has started learning the language in her free time. “I would move there in a heartbeat,” she said. “I was only there for a couple of days, but there was something about it that just felt like home. There were like three people who came up to me and assumed I was a local and started talking to me in Danish—so I feel like that’s a sign.”

To most people, the prospect of mastering a new language and settling down in a totally foreign city is nothing short of terrifying. But, Kylie is confident she can accomplish any dream she puts her mind to (perhaps with the exception of actually landing her dream job of high-fiving folks as they drop things into a recycling bin). Chalk it up to her upbringing: “My mom is an incredibly strong female figure,” Kylie said. “She’s had a profound impact on how I see myself and what I believe I can do with my life.”

Of course, things weren’t always sunshine and rainbows between Kylie and her parents. “As a teenager, I was super rebellious,” Kylie said. “I was way too cool for [my parents]. In high school, you think you know everything. But after [that], I realized how awesome my parents are.” During her teen years, Kylie was a self-described “goth kid” who was part of “every art club there was.” She was also a loyal member of the school chorus—even when her small-town Wisconsin high school slashed the music budget. “I was one of the few who remained after the budget got cut,” she said.

Aside from writing, singing has always been one of Kylie’s biggest passions. “I grew up in a very musical family,” she said, noting that each of her three siblings—as well as her mom and dad—play at least one instrument. At one point, she was even part of a band. “I love performing onstage,” she said. “I love being the center of attention.” That trait—which she attributes to being the youngest member of the household growing up—has come in handy when managing her team of seven support reps. She has no problem leading meetings and rallying her team to provide the best customer service possible. On the flipside, though, she says this particular role has brought out her inner “older sister,” as it requires her to “be concerned about the welfare of [her] team and make sure they have everything they need to be successful.”

And that, in turn, ensures that WebPT Members receive the help they need to be successful—whether or not their questions have to do with the actual application. “There are so many rules and changes therapists have to keep track of—it’s never-ending,” Kylie said. “We have people calling us about information that changes constantly. I can’t imagine having to keep track of all that [on my own].” Kylie’s own knowledge—with respect to software, leadership, and the healthcare industry at large—has grown immensely since she joined WebPT as a support rep in 2014. “I’ve learned a lot, not only about technology, but also about my own capabilities,” she said. “When I first moved here, I had a lot of insecurities. I wondered, ‘Is this what I should be doing?’ Coming from a [hair] salon, I wouldn’t expect to latch onto troubleshooting software.”

Yes, that’s right: before Kylie decided to enter the tech space, she completed an apprenticeship at a beauty salon in her home state of Wisconsin. And while she enjoyed that environment and gained many valuable skills—including the ability to cut and style her own hair, which she still does regularly—she eventually realized that it wasn’t the career she wanted for the long-haul. Then, inspiration struck: “I read an article in Time magazine about the future of tech companies,” she said. “It was back when Google had just built a brand-new campus and there was a huge movement around creating work environments that are conducive to creativity—that an office doesn’t have to be gray walls and silence—and I was very intrigued by that.”

At the same time, her childhood friend, Courtney—CJ, for short—started encouraging Kylie to come out and join her in Arizona. After seeing the desert landscape—which she describes as “inspiring” and “very postapocalyptic”—Kylie fell in love with the Grand Canyon State. “I wanted to live in a place that was different from where I grew up.” So, she made the move—and got her first gig at WebPT a short time after.

Since then, Kylie has started attending a community college, with a goal of eventually earning a degree in creative writing. From there, she says, she’s not exactly sure what career path she will pursue—though she hopes it involves travel. In the meantime, she’ll continue honing her management skills at WebPT—and, outside of the office, developing her photography, photo-editing, and yoga skills. Oh—and perfecting her Danish. After all, as Kylie says, “That’s what life is all about—having new experiences and learning from them.” And nobody—not even Shakespeare—would argue with that.

Fave Five with Kylie

  1. Favorite food: Gyros
  2. Favorite movie: Snatch
  3. Favorite sports team: Chicago Cubs
  4. Favorite band: Led Zeppelin
  5. Favorite place: Copenhagen   


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