Kellie Biles

Note: Each month, we will feature a different member of the WebPT family in our Staff Spotlight blog series.

So, a snake walks into a bar—well, actually, he didn’t walk so much as he was carried on the shoulders of Kellie Biles, WebPT Member Success Team Lead. And this isn’t so much the beginning of a hilarious joke as it is the beginning of a hilarious true story taken straight from the pages of Kellie’s life.

Because really, why have a pet ball python named McLovin if you’re not going to take him out on the town every once in a while? “I put him on my shoulders and we go driving,” Kellie says. “When a car pulls up beside us, and there are kids looking out the window, their facial expressions are the best!” And, if you’re wondering how the bar incident turned out, here’s Kellie’s summary: “I got to sit by myself!”

All joking aside, Kellie definitely has an ambitious, perfectionist yin to her quirky, spontaneous yang. “I’m semi-OCD,” she says. “I want everything done properly, and it’s hard for me to accept that I can’t always fix everything all the time.”

Kellie’s innate drive to succeed developed at an early age. The oldest of four children in a military family that was constantly on the move—she lived in at least six different states as a kid—Kellie always excelled in both academics and athletics. “I set the bar for my siblings,” she says with a chuckle.

All that hard work culminated with a softball and volleyball scholarship to Central State University in Ohio. Unfortunately, Kellie’s plans changed after she blew out her knee during her senior year of high school. Still, she attended college on an academic scholarship, eventually transferring to the University of Washington to study biology.

Although she left school to raise her son, Perris—now 20 years old—she plans to return at some point to finish up her degree so she can eventually pursue a career as a medical examiner. In the meantime, though, she’s amassed a wealth of experience and expertise in the medical software industry.

While working for one such company in Bellevue, Washington, she and her son took a vacation to Arizona. “It was sunny, and we were swimming every single day,” she says. “When we got back to Washington, we were sitting out on the patio in the rain, and my son—who was five years old at the time—looked up at me and said, ‘Can we go back to the sun?’ And I said, ‘Yes, we can.’” So, they packed up and, in Kellie’s words, “skipped town.”

Kellie later convinced some of her siblings—along with three of her cousins—to relocate to the Grand Canyon State. “I sold everybody on Arizona,” she says proudly.

She was working for another medical software company in Phoenix when she received a call regarding an open position at WebPT. “I started digging a little bit and found out that it was a startup—and I like startups,” she says. “So I went in for an interview.”

Kellie started her job as a WebPT Success Rep in May 2011 and eventually worked her way up to her current position as a team lead. Although her role is often challenging, it’s also extremely rewarding—especially when Members vocalize their satisfaction with WebPT. “The best part of my job is hearing a Member tell me that they recognize why they went with WebPT and not something else,” she says. “Because they feel that [we] truly have their interests and needs in mind—we’re not just trying to sell them something.”

When she’s not rocking the phones, Kellie loves rocking the mic—in karaoke, that is. “I love singing, especially country karaoke,” she says. “Sometimes it freaks people out. They’re like, ‘Is that little black girl up there singing country?’ I love it. I love tearing down stereotypes.” She has even written her own songs and recorded an album of her original music—but don’t look for it on the shelves at your local Best Buy anytime soon. “It’s just for me,” Kellie says.

As for what’s next, Kellie predicts that she’ll venture outside of Arizona again at some point. “I’m sure I’ll want to go explore some more,” she says. “That whole military pick-up-and-go thing is still ingrained in me.”

Until then, she’ll keep trying to fix as many things as she can—and enjoying long Sunday drives with McLovin the snake.

Fave Five with Kellie

  1. Favorite food: Steak
  2. Favorite movie: The Long Kiss Goodnight
  3. Favorite sports team: Cleveland Browns and Ohio State Buckeyes
  4. Favorite band: Heavy D & The Boyz
  5. Favorite place: With my family
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