Jenny Walters

Whether she’s planning an event or sampling a craft beer, Jenny Walters is staunchly attentive to detail. After all, it’s the small things—like the subtle, citrusy flavor of Cascade hops or a personalized greeting at a large conference—that often make the biggest impact.

As WebPT’s Marketing and Events Specialist, Jenny is responsible for planning all of WebPT’s public appearances—from our trade show booths to our Evolve conferences. And Jenny knows better than anyone that when it comes to hashing out the details of any event, there’s much more than meets the eye—and that’s why you’ve always got to have a plan B up your sleeve. “You never know what you’re going to get,” Jenny said. “You can plan for months, every last detail, but there’s always going to be a challenge on the day [of the event]. You just have to come with your toolkit and your Girl Scout mentality.”

Originally from Yuma, Arizona, Jenny moved to Minnetonka, Minnesota, with her family when she was ten years old. But after spending eight years—and eight snowy winters—in the Land of 10,000 Lakes, Jenny decided it was time to go back to the sun. So, after high school graduation, she headed to the University of Arizona in Tucson, where she earned a degree in business marketing.

She was never much of a beer-drinker in college, but her first job out of school—as a sales rep for the Boston Beer Company—pretty much required her to develop a palate for hops. “In my twenties, I used to challenge guys in bars with my beer trivia knowledge,” she said. “But I don’t think it ever got me a date!”

While she enjoyed flexing her sales muscle on the brew circuit, Jenny had her sights set on getting back to her marketing roots. So, she accepted a marketing position at a local healthcare company. She loved the healthcare field, and as her career progressed, she began looking for opportunities to further develop her skills as a healthcare marketer. When she saw the listing for a marketing and events coordinator at a small startup EMR company, she immediately submitted her resume. “I walked in from a very corporate environment to this warehouse with a yellow lab guarding the door,” she said. “And I just felt like this was a great company with a great culture.”

Since joining the WebPT team in 2011, Jenny has seen the marketing department grow from four employees to 12. “We’ve become more specialized as a department,” Jenny said. “I’m amazed almost daily at how intelligent and agile and passionate our team is…I don’t think I’ve ever had such a fun, professional chemistry as what I’ve experienced here. It’s really rare.”

One of the unique things about Jenny’s job is that she gets to interact with professionals in the rehab therapy space on a regular basis and, in her words, “hear about all of the amazing things they do every day.” More than that, though, she enjoys seeing therapists make meaningful connections with each other. “I’ve seen incredible relationships start at Evolve,” she said. “It’s great because PTs realize that they’re not in it alone—that there are plenty of others out there they can connect with and bounce ideas off of to gain insight on how to improve their practices.”

And speaking of Evolve, Jenny’s favorite part of these WebPT-hosted educational conferences is that anyone—Members and non-Members alike—can attend free of charge and take advantage of all sorts of helpful tips related to business, compliance, and of course, marketing. On that note, Jenny’s biggest piece of advice to therapy professionals is, quite simply, to take advantage of every selling opportunity they get. “No matter what your role is in the clinic—owner, PT, tech, front office—you’re always selling your company and your services, no matter where you are,” she said. “Sometimes that’s as simple as having a conversation with someone about their health and fitness goals while you’re waiting in line at a restaurant.”

When she’s not knee-deep in travel schedules and event logistics, Jenny enjoys hiking, working out, and volunteering. She even sits on the board of a local volunteer organization. And over the next few months, she’ll be using her event-planning talents quite a bit—off the clock. Recently engaged to her fiancé, Jonathan, she has already jumped head-first into planning her dream wedding. And if it’s anything like the productions she pulls off at WebPT, you can rest assured that every detail will be meticulously planned from start to finish—right down to the hops in the beer.

Fave Five with Jenny

  1. Favorite food: Pizza
  2. Favorite movie: Empire Records
  3. Favorite sports team: Minnesota Twins
  4. Favorite band: Jack’s Mannequin
  5. Favorite place: San Diego, CA