Note: Each month, we will feature a different member of the WebPT family in our Staff Spotlight blog series.

Within the walls of the WebPT Billing Department, Elizabeth Warren is all about keeping things clean: clean processes, clean claims, and clean reimbursements. But when it comes to her weekend Jeep trail expeditions, she doesn’t mind getting a little dirty. “Recently, I’ve really started to get into Jeeping,” she said. “Now that my kids are grown, I’m kind of in the second part of my life. I needed a new hobby.”

Elizabeth Warren

While she’s still somewhat of a beginner, she hopes to work her way up to more advanced trails—ones that feature steep climbs, big boulders, and even water crossings. It might take some time—and probably a few modifications to her Jeep—to get there, but Elizabeth is up for the challenge. Plus, it gives her a good excuse to hit the Jeep trails near Flagstaff—where she often stops in to visit her son William, who is currently studying physical therapy at Northern Arizona University. (Her younger son, Lance, lives in Phoenix and is an expert gamer who is, in her words, “waiting to be discovered online.”)

Family definitely comes first for Elizabeth, who is one of WebPT’s newest Billing Success Managers. “We’re all very close—sometimes to the point that you’ve got to lock your doors to get away,” she joked. Even to this day, most of her family members live within a ten-mile radius in Phoenix, where she has lived for most of her life. In fact, during the three years she recently spent in California—where she worked in the billing department at another healthcare technology company—she was constantly looking for opportunities to get back to her hometown.

Eventually, the stars aligned and she received an offer to bring her more than 20 years of physical therapy billing experience to the WebPT Billing team. In addition to serving as the manager of the Southern California region, Elizabeth lends her wealth of billing expertise and wisdom to several task forces, including one for ICD-10 transition work and education. “We can prepare [for the transition to ICD-10] all we want, but there’s bound to be a missing link somewhere,” she said. “The best thing we can do is educate [our Members]. Communicate to educate—that’s my motto.” Another challenge on the Billing team’s plate at the moment:the Affordable Care Act. “With the ACA, there are a lot of new plans coming to light, so we’re working hard to educate ourselves and our Members about those,” she said.

Outside of the office, though, Elizabeth’s biggest challenge is figuring out what dish she’s going to make for her family’s annual Independence Day bash. After all, there are only so many red, white, and blue foods, and every plate has to fit the patriotic color scheme. “The Fourth of July is the biggest holiday in our lives,” she said. “The whole family goes to a cabin up north, and we have a family Olympics. And everybody—whether you’re five or 65—everybody plays.” And forget about run-of-the-mill family picnic events; in Elizabeth’s family, it’s all about the creativity. One example: covering your partner in shaving cream and throwing Cheetos at them. With about 16 total participants, things definitely get a little messy, but that’s okay with Elizabeth—so long as that mess stays far, far away from her desk at WebPT.

Fave Five with Elizabeth

  1. Favorite food: Steak
  2. Favorite movie: Pulp Fiction
  3. Favorite sports team: Chicago Bears
  4. Favorite musician: Michael Bublé
  5. Favorite place: Mom’s backyard