Courtney Lefferts

Note: Each month, we will feature a different member of the WebPT family in our new Staff Spotlight blog series.

She’s sweet, soft-spoken, and has a smile that could light up an entire dance hall—but never in a million years would you guess that Courtney Lefferts was once a Vegas showgirl.

Courtney dedicated most of her childhood to training in dance—she began taking ballet lessons at age three—in hopes of one day dancing professionally. With the bright lights of Las Vegas only about 30 minutes away from her hometown of Boulder City, Nevada, Courtney didn’t have to go far to follow her dreams. Not long after high school graduation, she auditioned for Jubilee! at Bally’s—billed as the last classic revue in Vegas with all of the requisite feathers and rhinestones—and two hours later, she was offered a spot in the show.

For a small-town girl who graduated in a class of 90—half of whom she attended kindergarten with—the transition to the big city was a bit overwhelming. But, she says, life on the Vegas show circuit isn’t what most people imagine it to be. “There’s a lot of experience, a lot of talent,” she said. “It’s really not what you think.”

During her year-long stint at Bally’s, Courtney and the rest of the 60-plus member ensemble performed two shows a night, six days a week—all while wearing four-inch heels and 30 to 40 pounds of costume. “We did 1,000 stairs a night just in costume changes—that doesn’t even count the on-stage stairs,” she said. “It was really, really hard. People don’t realize how difficult it is.”

The physical demands of the show took their toll; a back injury forced Courtney to give up the dancing gig she had worked so hard—and so long—to attain. That, she says, was one of the lowest points in her life. “It was really hard going from dancing six days a week, pretty much since I could walk, to not being able to get out of bed,” she said. “But that’s life, and I had to deal with it. I had to readjust. It wasn’t easy, but in a way, it was kind of exciting to think that there were other things out there besides ballet.”

She began attending the College of Southern Nevada and teaching ballet classes, but she just couldn’t shake the itch to branch out and try something really different. So, she picked up and moved to Flagstaff, where she had attended cello camp as a kid. She planned to enroll in college there once she established residency, but her plans were yet again derailed by a surprise—a good one this time.

“I saw (my now-husband) Brock play a show in Flagstaff, and he was awesome,” she said. “Then I saw him hug his grandma at the end, and that was it for me.” When she got home, she immediately sent Brock Lefferts a Facebook friend request, and he chatted her within a minute. The rest, as they say, is history. “The day he met me, he called his mom and told her he’d met the girl he was going to marry,” she said.

After relocating to Phoenix, Courtney ran into Mike Manheimer—WebPT’s Marketing Manager—who is an old friend of Brock’s. Mike encouraged her to look into working for WebPT, as he thought she would be a great fit for the company. Turns out, he was right. In September 2012, Courtney began working in WebPT’s support department. She felt at home from day one. “I really enjoyed working in support,” she said. “I was helping people troubleshoot things that really matter. That’s what drew me to this company in the first place—we really do help people.”

Eventually, Courtney decided she wanted to take the knowledge she gleaned from working on the support side and give sales a try. “I applied [for the sales coordinator position] and decided that I would really love to push myself in that direction,” she said. “It was exciting to think that I could be a potential customer’s first interaction with WebPT.”

She got the job, and it turned out to be every bit as exciting as she imagined. “I love seeing the leads go from that first conversation to closed,” she said. “And the great thing is that it’s not a stretch to sell this product because it’s so good.” In fact, sometimes she has trouble reeling in her enthusiasm. “It’s hard for me to not tell [a prospect] everything on that first call,” she said with a laugh. “Coming from a support background, I really want to tell them every single detail. But the point is to keep things moving.”

At home, Courtney and Brock—who recently joined the WebPT marketing team as a graphic designer—enjoy cooking, catching up on their Netflix queue, and above all, spoiling their three dogs: Grover, Willow, and Toast. But when she leaves work at the end of each day, she’s always eager to come back again the next morning.

“I love it here,” she said. “I feel that I can really be myself and bring my personality to things. I’ve been here eight months, and it already feels like I’ve been here forever.”

Fave Five with Courtney

  1. Favorite food: Green curry (when she’s eating vegan); cheeseburger (when she’s not)
  2. Favorite movie: Harry Potter (the entire series)
  3. Favorite sports team: Oakland A’s
  4. Favorite band: Coconut Records (at the moment, anyway)
  5. Favorite place: Campground at Leo Carrillo State Park (near Malibu, California)