Christian Coker

Note: Each month, we will feature a different member of the WebPT family in our Staff Spotlight blog series.

For as long as he can remember, Christian Coker has been a talker.

“I’ve always been the most outspoken person in my family,” he said. “To this day, whenever anyone needs to buy a car or something, it’s like, ‘Christian has to come along to negotiate, because Christian is the talker.’”

As a Member Liaison at WebPT, Christian employs his natural knack for communication on a near daily basis as he interacts with Members and helps clinics transition to working within the application. As part of WebPT’s implementation team, Christian also has the special privilege of providing on-site training at large, multi-clinic practices all around the country. “When a large practice signs up—like five-plus clinics—it’s sort of an intricate process to get them going,” he said. “So I fly out to train them, assist them, and just make sure that everything goes smoothly.”

Born and raised in Phoenix, Christian has racked up a lot of frequent flier miles over the last few months. In 2013 alone, he’s traveled to Utah, California, New Jersey, New York, Virginia, Illinois, and Indiana. “I’m usually out of the office a minimum of one week per month,” he said.

The task of training dozens of people in such a short time frame is difficult to say the least, but Christian isn’t one to shy away from a challenge. A former high school football captain and competitive boxer, he draws on his athletic background to stay cool under pressure. “Just like in sports, it’s all about confidence,” he said. “I never really get uncomfortable. I go into it knowing that people are looking to me for the answers, so I have to be able to deliver the answers. I have to be prepared.”

All of the preparation pays off the moment a new Member experiences the elusive “Aha” moment—that priceless second when everything finally clicks and makes perfect sense. “In Member Care, we strive everyday to deliver the ‘Aha’ moment,” Christian said. “But when you actually get to be there and see it in person, it’s so much better. It makes everything feel very worthwhile.”

Although he feels lucky to have the opportunity to visit so many different parts of the country, Christian’s favorite part of each trip is pulling into his driveway and seeing his daughter Isabella—Izzy for short—waiting at the door for him. “She’s a load of fun,” he said of Isabella, who will be two years old in October. “She’s such a brute. I call her my little thug—she’s definitely got some sass and some attitude.”

When he’s not catching up on emails or homework—he’s currently a double major in communications and theology at Grand Canyon University—Christian enjoys spending time with friends and family, especially Izzy and his fiancé, Liliana, whom he has known since grade school.

He also is very active in the Catholic church, which instilled in him a deep appreciation for and dedication to charitable activities. In fact, his passion for helping others led him to take on the role of heading up the Community Culture Team at WebPT. “I just think it’s important to take the blessings we’ve accumulated here at WebPT and share them with the community,” he said.

Fave Five with Christian

  1. Favorite food: Anything free
  2. Favorite movie: The Big Lebowski
  3. Favorite sports team: Baltimore Ravens
  4. Favorite singer: Michael Jackson
  5. Favorite place: Bed