We here at WebPT are excited to announce our partnership with MedBridge Education. We’ve negotiated a very sweet discount for our valued Members. By signing up for a year-long MedBridge membership through our exclusive Member Network, you can gain unlimited access to accredited online CEU courses from the world’s top instructors (like Chad Cook, PT, PhD, MBA, FAAOMPT; Jack Stagge, PT, OCS, FAAOMPT; Alan Weismantel, PT, OMT, FAAOMPT; Kathe Wallace, PT, BCB-PMD; and Holly Tanner, MA, PT, OCS, WCS, LMP, BCB-PMD, CCI) as well as patient education tools and more than 350 clinical reference tools, all at an amazingly affordable price. You can purchase individual courses at a discount, too. Through this exclusive offer, you can view high-quality video CEU courses all year long for less than half the cost of one traditional live seminar.

Want to learn more about what MedBridge can do for your clinic? Check out this snippet from their About section.

Learn, Connect, Succeed
MedBridge Education dedicates itself to providing high quality online continuing education for physical therapy professionals. By collaborating with top-tier clinicians and technology-learning integration experts, MedBridge Education has created a premier curriculum designed specifically for online delivery. You will learn up-to-date, evidence-based curriculum, and proven rehabilitation techniques designed to immediately help your patients.

Instructor Specialists
By featuring world-renowned rehabilitation professionals as our instructors, MedBridge Education provides learners the ability to significantly augment their own clinical skills and ultimately achieve improved patient outcomes.

MedBridge Education facilitates a two-way learning portal between learners and instructors, promoting deeper thought and discussion through the interaction of teacher and learner.

MedBridge Education leverages web technology and its multimedia capabilities in creating a full-sensory series of 3D animation and interactive video.

Get Started Today

For additional details on this exclusive discount or to sign up, visit the WebPT Member Network. Simply log into WebPT, and then click the Member icon, located in the top right corner of the Dashboard next to your name. From there, select “Member Benefits.”

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