Ann Wendel

Ann Wendel started Prana Physical Therapy, PLLC, in 2003, but in 2006, she decided to spend the next several years working for someone else. In 2011, though, the entrepreneurial bug bit once again, and Wendel reopened Prana PT. She started as a contractor with another small, PT-owned private practice and then slowly began cultivating her own clientele. Today, Wendel is proud to be 100% self-employed. “I sublet space in a personal training studio where I have a private treatment room and access to the gym area,” she said. “It is a perfect partnership for me; we have very similar philosophies, and it allows for clients to seamlessly move between training and therapy.”

Before WebPT, Wendel was using paper charts, and that came with several inconveniences: “I had to carry [them] back and forth to the office because I didn’t have a secure place to lock them. I had to use a fax machine to send out each patient’s plan of care and receive faxes back to put in patients’ charts. And, when patients were discharged, their chart went into a storage file, and those charts had to be kept for seven years after the patients were discharged!” Wendel said.

Then, Wendel found WebPT. During her initial demo, the staff was extremely easy to work with. “They were knowledgeable and made [the system] easy to understand,” she said. “I heard stories from other PTs in private practice about bad experiences with other EMR companies; I immediately knew that I wouldn’t have the same issues with WebPT.” Wendel found the platform easy to navigate and the customer service exemplary. Additionally, she liked the look of the notes and the ability to send secure faxes directly from the application.

Now, with WebPT, Wendel simply brings her laptop to and from the office. “I can log in to my schedule and my notes from any computer, at any time, in any place. I can pull up a patient’s chart to review even when I’m not at the office, which means I can answer a question from a patient or a physician at any time.” Plus, Wendel can easily and securely communicate via fax or email with other members of a patient’s healthcare team—including physicians, other physical therapists, and personal trainers—directly from within the application.

“Using WebPT means that all of my notes are legible and professional,” Wendel said. Her notes also now contain all of Prana PT’s information on them, including her logo. So what does this mean for her business? “I view any opportunity for a physician to see my logo as a marketing opportunity, so every time I fax a plan of care or a progress note to a physician, it’s an opportunity for the office staff and physician to think of my practice when they are thinking of referring patients.”

Wendel also appreciates that WebPT prompts her to document all relevant objective measures during both an evaluation and a treatment session. Most importantly, though, Wendel knows she has a partner in WebPT. “My clients expect top-notch treatment, excellent customer service, and true professionalism,” she said. “And I make every attempt to deliver. WebPT, with its emphasis on professionalism and customer service, is a natural partner for me in my practice. WebPT makes it easy for me to concentrate on delivering valuable care to my patients.”

Thank you, Ann. We are so grateful to have you as a WebPT Member and so happy to know that our services are helping you be better in business.

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