Since the launch of WebPT in 2008, our users have requested tighter integration between WebPT EMR and the billing software or services they already use. WebPT is proud to announce that we are now delivering direct integration between WebPT and popular billing solutions - Kareo and BMS. Kareo is a leading in-house billing software solution and BMS is a premium outsourced billing service provider. 

WebPT Certified Billing Integration Partners
Kareo WebPT billing integrationKareo and BMS are the first of several WebPT Certified Billing Partners. WebPT has developed both a business partnership and product integration to deliver an end-to-end EMR and billing solution that PTs need to improve their business practice. We will continue to expand the program to deliver high-quality integration with other popular billing solutions throughout the year.

BMS WebPT billing integrationWe will be introducing our Billing Integration Partner solutions this month on our website and webinars that will explain the solution in detail.  Topics will include:

  • Benefits of having your EMR linked to your billing
  • Detailed introductions to both of our certified billing partners: Kareo and BMS
  • In-house billing software vs. outsourced billing
  • Things to think about when moving to a new billing service

WebPT March Webinar - Billing Integration with Kareo and BMS
The March webinar, WebPT's EMR Integration with Certified Billing Partners, will be held on Thursday, March 24, 2011 and repeated on Saturday, March 26, 2011. Attendees will be given the privilege to hear from the Kareo's CEO Dan Rodriques and BMS CEO John Wallace. Sign up to attend the Billing Integration webinar.

Physical therapists can feel confident that complimenting the WebPT documentation and practice management system with two best in breed billing solutions in the rehabilitation industry, gives them the most comprehensive, affordable and efficient all-in-one PT-centric Electronic Medical Record in the market today.

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    The Physical Therapist's Guide to Contract Negotiation

    As a PT, you put your heart and soul into your work. So, it’s only fair that you get paid what you deserve. Unfortunately, payers don’t often see it that way, which means that in order to get what you want out of your private payer contracts, you’ve got to negotiate. And to do so successfully, you need to know how to play ball. Enter your email address below, and we’ll send your free guide.

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    You probably didn’t start your career as a PT, OT, or SLP because of your passion for medical billing. In fact, few—if any—therapists enjoy the nitty-gritty, technical details of compiling, submitting, and following up on claims. However, it is nice to get paid. And if you want to reap the financial rewards of your efforts—and thus continue to treat patients with the electricity on—you’ve got to submit clean claims that are backed up by strong, defensible documentation. …

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    PT Practice Billing Software and What it Can Do For Your Revenue Flow

    Within a PT practice, the process of getting your billing and claims completed routinely can represent a significant drain on staff time. Filing claims with various insurance companies, combined with keeping up with Medicare filing requirements, can get complicated. If mistakes are made, that could lead to delays in payment or call for you to go through the process again to resubmit the claim. An automated PT practice documentation software system can take a great deal of …

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    WebPT Announces Partnership with BMS Billing Specialists

    This week we are announcing the availability of our integration between WebPT EMR and the BMS third-party billing service. WebPT has developed both product integration and a business partnership with BMS to deliver a complete solution that enables physical therapists to efficiently manage the entire clinical and financial workflow of their clinics. WebPT Billing Integration BMS is one of the first two WebPT Certified Billing Integration Partners. The WebPT team has been working with BMS to develop …

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    In-house Billing vs. Outsourced Billing Service - Which is Right for your Clinic?

    As we planned our integration with billing companies , WebPT wanted to give our members multiple options. The two certified billing companies that we launched integration with this month represent an in-house software solution ( Kareo ) or a third-party service solution  ( BMS ). Each of these approaches has its own set of benefits and ultimately will need to be assessed on a clinic to clinic basis. Here are the pros and cons of each approach. …

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    Top 5 Benefits of an Integrated EMR and Billing System

    Traditionally, PT billing and documentation have been separate processes—each with its own set of frustrations. However, WebPT’s billing software, Therabill , provides therapists with a better, more streamlined workflow—and because this billing software is connected to a top-notch EMR, users are able to run their clinics more efficiently, and thus, focus more on patient care. Here at WebPT, we’re determined to simplify clinical and financial processes for PTs—and providing an integrated billing solution is an important piece …

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    Get to Know WebPT

    Want to see the leading rehab therapy-specific EMR live and in action? Here’s your chance. In this month’s webinar, hosts Heidi Jannenga, PT, and Marketing Director Mike Manheimer will give you an introductory tour of WebPT, including who we are as a company as well as our documentation solution, built-in compliance features, and business tools. Plus, you’ll have a chance to ask all your burning EMR questions at the end of the presentation.

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