Sure, you probably know that WebPT’s Plan of Care Report tracks the status of plans of care for Medicare patients, but did you know we updated this report in December? That’s right; we went in and souped up that report. How? We made the report integrate with eDocs, added better search functionality, and allowed the report to take into account notes that you fax and email to physicians.

The plan of care is an essential—not to mention required—part of the process for treating Medicare patients. Thus, you and your practice should absolutely use WebPT’s Plan of Care Report. It’ll keep you on top of things, like reminding you to complete a recertification or showing you which plans of care still require physician signatures. In short, this report helps your practice increase process efficiencies. Here’s how to use it:

 Accessing the Plan of Care Report 

  1. Log in to WebPT.
  2. Click “Plan of Care Report” under the Reports section on the lower left side of the screen.
How to locate the POC report

Once inside the report, you can run two different report types: Certification Status and Signature Status.

Certification Status

The Certification Status Report helps you identify patients who require a recertification note by listing: 

  • All patients within your clinic who have Medicare certifications
  • The number of days remaining for each active certification
  • The number of days since expiration for each expired certification

To create a Certification Status report:

  1. Under Plan of Care Report Type, select “Certification Status.”
  2. Under View Certifications Expiring, select the desired date range. Options include “tomorrow,” “7-days,” and “14-days.” You also can create a custom date range.
  3. Click “Generate Report.”

After generating the report, you should see results as illustrated below. By default, WebPT automatically sorts results by the Cert Status column. You can also sort by Patient Name or Therapist.

Signature Status

The Signature Status Report allows you to: 

  • Determine whether a therapist has emailed or faxed a particular note and whether the physician has signed it
  • Track the status of Medicare plans of care that still need physician signatures
  • Upload signatures directly from this report to the appropriate patient record (applicable to those clinics that use WebPT eDoc)

To create a Signature Status report:

  1. Under Plan of Care Report Type, select “Signature Status.”
    1. Under Sort by Signature Status, choose the status type by which you would like to sort. Types include Sig Status, Patient Name, Sig Required, or Therapist. (See the chart below for an explanation of each status.)
  2. To view all statuses at once, select “View All.”
  3. Select a date range. This range represents the timeframe in which a physician signature is required on a note. By default, WebPT sorts the results by Sig Status.

There is an Edit button along each row in the far left column. Click that button to change the status displayed in the Sig Status column. If your clinic uses WebPT eDoc, though, I recommend changing statuses using the steps below.

Using eDoc with the Signature Status Report

When a note has the status of “pending,” this means your clinic has already faxed or emailed the note to the referring physician. When the referring physician sends you the signed note, you’ll need to upload it to eDoc. There are two ways to do this: 

  1. from the Signature Status report or
  2. directly from the patient’s records.

Upload from Signature Status Report
POC report 1The upload icon pictured here is located in the Signature Status Report. Clicking this icon will open the Add External Documents window.

Upload from Patient Chart

POC report icon 2

The dropdown menu is located in the patient chart next to notes that are awaiting a physician signature. Click the blue arrow to open the Add External Documents window.

Within the Add External Documents window:

  1. Click “Browse” to select the physician signed note.
  2. Select “Physician’s Notes” for Document Type.
  3. Ensure the name of the document, the date of receipt, and the assigned case are correct.
  4. Check “Yes” beside Signed Document.
  5. Verify that the document on the Assigned Note dropdown and the physician name are correct.
  6. Click “Add External Document.”      
Medicare POC report screenshot

To learn even more about the Plan of Care Report and see additional screenshots, check out this user guide. Have questions or feedback? Share them in the comments below.