The end of the year is upon us; time to ready our poppers, streamers, and sparkly hats for the ol’ ball drop. As we brace ourselves for another rousing rendition of Auld Lang Syne, it’s hard not to reflect on the year—clichéd as it may sound. Another cliché: End-of-year lists. But we love them nonetheless; that’s why I amassed the WebPT Blog’s top ten posts of 2014. Overarching themes? Gifts and compliance.

  1. 20 Perfect Gifts for Physical Therapists
  2. The 8-Minute Rule: What it is and How it Works in WebPT
  3. 5 Ways the Affordable Care Act is Impacting Physical Therapists
  4. 20 Perfect Gifts for Occupational Therapists
  5. Update: New Details on Functional Limitation Reporting Issues
  6. When to Report Discharge Codes with Functional Limitation Reporting
  7. PQRS 2015 Measures
  8. Founder Letter: 97002 and 97004 (Re-Evaluation) Myths Debunked
  9. Medicare Part B Documentation Requirements for Physical and Occupational Therapy
  10. Here’s What PTs, OTs, and SLPs Need to Know About PQRS 2015

Many of these posts are still incredibly timely, especially the PQRS ones—oh, and the gift ones if you’re planning to hit up those post-holiday sales. I recommend checking out the entire list. Now, let’s ring in 2015, starting with your ideas for upcoming blog posts. Share your suggestions in the comments below.