Oral Steroids May Not Effectively Treat Sciatica Back Pain

Researchers have discovered that prednisone, a drug commonly used to treat acute sciatica, is almost completely ineffective in reducing symptoms associated with sciatica back pain. In a randomized trial, 267 patients with herniated disks underwent a 15-day course of either Prednisone or a placebo pill. After three weeks, both groups reported experiencing less pain associated with their condition, with no difference between the participants who received the drug and those who received the placebo. Doctors argue that this study shouldn’t discourage medical professionals from prescribing Prednisone, but practitioners should take this research into account as they consider patient treatment options. One option we suggest? #GetPT.

3D-Printing Technique May Benefit Patients Needing Joint Repair

According to a news release from Tenische Universität München (TUM), a combination of 3D-printed microfiber scaffolding and hydrogels may be the key to soft-tissue reconstruction. A new 3D-printing technique called Melt electrospinning writing—which simultaneously provides mechanical stiffness and room for cell growth—played a major role in this development. Researchers are hopeful that this new technique will facilitate soft-tissue reconstruction for not only joint repair, but also a variety of other procedures, including breast reconstruction for post-tumor mastectomies. Find out more about this 3D-printing technique here.

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