Young ACL Surgery Patients Often Need Second Operation

A new study from Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS) reveals that patients who undergo ACL surgery before the age of 21 are more likely to have another knee surgery later on in life. Researchers found that “…8% of patients with a primary ACL reconstruction had another ACL surgery, and 14% had non-ACL knee surgery at a later date.” Shockingly, the average median time lapse between the two surgeries is only 1.6 years. The doctors and researchers involved in this study admit that additional research is needed to determine the factors that lead to subsequent injury.

Treatment for Stroke Survivors Should Merge Physical Therapy and Mental Practice

According to researchers at Georgia State University, physical therapy is an effective treatment for stroke patients when provided in conjunction with mental practice—or the mental rehearsal of a motor action without an overt action. Throughout the study, researchers found that patients’ sensation and motor function scores were significantly higher when they participated in physical therapy and mental practice during the same treatment period. “One of these treatments is really intense physical therapy, but some people can’t move at all,” said Dr. Andrew Butler. “We found in our data that if they just think about moving, it keeps the neurons active right around the area that died in the brain.” Find out more about this study here.

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