New Study Questions Safety of Whole-Body Vibration Platforms

Western University just released a study showing that whole-body vibration platforms—which are typically used to treat various musculoskeletal disorders—may cause damage to joint tissues. Researchers noted significant damage to subjects’ knee joints and spines after four weeks of undergoing whole-body vibration. While study leaders say there’s still a need for additional research on the subject, they advise that all rehabilitation practitioners take extreme caution when prescribing whole-body vibration.

Study: Patients Benefit from Direct Access to Physical Therapy

A yearlong study published by the University Health System in San Antonio reveals that neuromuscular patients who received physical therapy treatment immediately experienced better outcomes and reduced costs compared to those who had to wait for a physician referral. The study also showed that patients who immediately visited a PT “..underwent half as many physical therapy procedures, MRIs, and CT scans as those referred to physical therapists to be seen at a later time.” Luckily, all 50 states have some form of direct access. However, in Texas—where the study was conducted—patients still must obtain a physician’s referral for most physical therapy treatment. Read more about this study here, and learn about your state’s direct access laws here.

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